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ski timeshare

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does anyone have any info about ski timeshares? 1. How do you gauge their value? 2.How easily can they be swapped? 3.Do the maitnence fees rise quickly making them less cost effective? 4.Do they hold their value? 5.Are they better than renting,about the same,worse etc?......any input would be appreciated. Also what questions am i missing?

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There was a discussion about timeshares as related to ski vacations a few months ago.  Look here:




You might find other related threads for a selected region doing a directed Google search something like "timeshare colorado: epicski".


I own timeshare property in more than one way.  Except for my home mountain in northern Virginia, I use VRBO if I want to stay in a condo for trips out west instead of trading into a timeshare resort.  That's partially because I can't plan a ski vacation a year out.

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