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Salomon Quest Skis

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Anybody tested these?  What did you think?  On paper, the Quest 92 looks like I might like it a lot.

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this should be the same as the rocker2 92, so you might save some money buying this years rocker2. That's what I did, instead of buying a quest 115!


You might be able to get more information and reviews on the rocker2 92


sounds like a good deal if the mount won't get you all messed up! 


Another good deal, 171 and 186 sizes available

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Thought the 98 was OK. Didn't dig the 105 so much, but for the price, salomon's going to sell a lot of these. Just don't ski them too short. Whoa and misery will come to those who do.
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I have reviews up for the Quest 98 and 105. While as Mark says, they are not "best in class" in either the 98 or 105 segments, their prices make them great for teh value minded buyer. 

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Thanks to all.   Sounds like -- surprise -- I may need to test before I buy... 

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I have the Q-90 in 177cm (actually the 2013 Rocker2 90, same ski).   Got them for hardpack and bump days.  Very pleased.  They won't wow you in any one area but the flex is very even and predictable.   Smears on command and at any speed.  Great for noodling through crude bumps.   Arc'd them hard on the groomers and never found the breaking point.  And at 17.4m radius they are snappy little things.  But you can do long turns too.   Early in the season I caught 10" of thick untracked when a new area opened for the first time.  Just enough rocker that the tips never dove.


Me: 52yrs, 5' 10", 165lbs.  Aggressive advanced skier.   Mainly ski anything but groomers, trees mostly, no matter how ugly the snow at Tahoe.

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Okay, these do have a breaking point...  Just got done with  +8" of windblown, chop, crude bumps and stormed 4".  I found the whole front of the ski deflecting when pushed hard.   Lighter touch worked well to kept me honest, smear turn, or hard arc, any combination down the hill.   I did get these as trainers and the rewards should be big.   Ideally for today.. Volkl Mantra, Atomic Alibi, Blizzard .... You get the picture, heavy metal.  

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