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"Gear Info"?

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I go to the "Gear Info" and click on the 2002-2003 reviews, yet I cannot access them.

Are these off limits now?
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I think the links are outdated.

Try www.techsupportforskiers.com
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This used to be a special link to Peter Keelty's site. I'll inform AC to see if he can re-establish the link.
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Oh, Peter moved the pages again so I have to adjust the links. Until I get that done, you can find the reviews right here (click)
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Thank you.

I tried a few demo's lately and I wanted to see how my experience compared to the forums and the valuable notes on the Gear Info reviews. Thanks again.
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Keelty has many 2004 reviews posted now. But I think you need to be subscriber for the link. Fee is small.
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