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Sun Valley

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Where, in the Sun Valley/Ketchum Idaho area, is the best place to stay that is closest to the slopes?  Any other recommendations or comments for the resort generally?  I am thinking about spending several days there next year.  Thanks.

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Sun Valley is a great choice for a resort.

You are in for a treat. It has the best cruising 

runs in the world. You will be taking turn after

turn on 3,000 vertical long runs. They have the best

ski lodges, great food, and very few people.

I could go on and on. The scenery from the top 

of Mt Baldy is breathtaking.


I stay at the Tamarack Lodge every time I go

there, The hotel is on Sun Valley Road right

in the downtown area. It is across the street

from a great coffee shop. Last time I was there

the price of the room included breakfast vouchers

at a place across the street. Th Rooms are nice and large.

They got fantastic new beds and bedding a few years ago.

Ask for a AAA discount. Rooms are about $130 a night.

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Depending on the time you go, get the lodge deal. If you go before december 20th, $79 a person/night including lift tickets, they offer a shuttle to the slopes if you don't have a car, not as close as downtown but won't take more than 5 minutes to get there by car.

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There is a good thread on budget lodging in Ketchum if you search. We always do the Sun Valley Lodge, which is a really special, historic place. The ski and stay package makes it quite affordable (it's been $279 a night, inlcuding 2 lift tickets for each day, for the past few years. The package is dirt cheap early and late season, but I wouldn't book that in advance due to snow iffy-ness). The lodge also picks you up at the airport for free, so you don't need a car, and you get free ski storage at the Baldy base. With my Alaska boarding pass I also get a free first day of skiing AND a free group lesson but I'm not sure if there are any perks from an airline you'd take from NY. Also the hot pool with cocktail service....there is free bus service from the lodge to Ketchum (about a mile) then to the base (another half mile). There are free cubbies and plenty of them in River Run Lodge, so I wear regular shoes then boot up there.At other ski resorts I do typically stay very near the base but at SV getting there is so easy, I don't care that I'm a mile and a half away.  We always walk into Ketchum for dinner--there is a good paved and plowed path between the lodge and town.


I've stayed at the Tamarack and agree it's a good choice, though if it's $130/night, when you add on your lift ticket costs, it's probably going to be more than the SV Lodge. One nice thing about it, though, is that it's right in the center of Ketchum, which is convenient at night. The one thing with the lodge is that the buses run less frequently at night so you need to be mindful of the bus schedules.



Any other recommendations or comments for the resort generally? 

Have lunch at the Roundhouse at least once. Have tacos at the Lookout at least once too--it's a killer deal and they're good.

In Ketchum, eating at the Pioneer is absolutely required. I have plenty of other restaurant favorites if you're interested--Ketchum has the best restaurants (of all kinds in all price ranges) of any ski town I've been to. There is a foot massage places on Main Street that really hits the spot after a few days of skiing. If you did get a car (if you end up staying at the Tamarack) drive up to Galena Pass one day after skiing, if it's still light. It's a pretty drive up and at the top, the view of the valley of the headwaters of the Salmon River and over to the Sawtooths will knock your socks off. Galena Lodge is along the way--people rave about the Nordic trails there. There is a great trail (the Wood River Trail) that goes along the river, right past the River Run base, though Ketchum and down the valley--it's a great place for a walk if you were so inclined.



I think Ketchum blows away any other ski town by a mile, and regular trips to SV have pretty much ruined me for resorts that have any kind of lift line. :) Have fun.

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Hi Steve,


You were very nice to respond.  Thanks so much for your comments on Sun Valley and its environs.


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Hi Christy,


Wow....what great comments about SV!  I really appreciate your advice and all the specifics.  It helps planning so much easier with this kind of information and insight.


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Here is the Sun Valley Resort page. There are several lodges listed at the bottom, along with a link to local information covering lodging.


As mentioned by previous posters, there are a number of lodgings at the Resort or in the town of Ketchum that are not immediately adjacent to the slopes which have easy access to the slopes by dedicated shuttles or the excellent free bus service.


There is not much in the way of ski-in, ski-out lodging at Sun Valley. The closest lodgings to the slopes are a number of condos near the Warm Springs base, with proximity ranging from across the street to several blocks or more. Warm Springs is several miles from the majority of dining, nightlife, and shopping opportunities, however they are easily accessible by the free bus. 

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