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bandit xx

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Ski Make:rossignol
Ski Model:02/03 bandit xx
Ski Length:177cm
Snow Conditions Used Inowder,groomers,frozen crud
Number of Days Used:2
Your Ability:7+
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing:6+
Avg. Days per Year Skiing:7-15
Other Skis You Like:k2 axis x pro Your Height/Weight:5'10" 195# Comments:I thought I would like this ski as an all purpose ski,it does do short & long turns very well, it does great in moguls, I can see why a lot of people love this ski, however its not the ski for me, the first thing I found going fast over a small jump was how much air these got compared to my k2s with a wood core, I believe because they are so light they just sail, also these things absorb no shock, it is all transfered to the skier, the first time I took them out was at night with 5 below zero temps, these skis literly beat me up in the frozen rock hard crud that I was skiing in, talk about no fun, if all you ski in is soft conditions then these would be great, now I believe that I prefer a ski with a wood core, having said that I believe in the closed cell foam technology having used it in my race boats so I am not one of those foam is no good people.
just my take bteddy
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At 190 pounds and up, I'd have to agree that the 177 would be too short in the XX. The 184 can be nothing but better.
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I am the same height as you but 20 to 25 pounds lighter and I ski the 184 without any problems, the 184 will be the ski for you to try.
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Originally posted by bteddy:
Ski Make:rossignol
Ski Model:02/03 bandit xx
Ski Length:177cm
Snow Conditions Used Inowder,groomers,frozen crud
Number of Days Used:2
Your Ability:7+
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing:6+
Avg. Days per Year Skiing:7-15
however its not the ski for me, the first thing I found going fast over a small jump was how much air these got compared to my k2s with a wood core, I believe because they are so light they just sail,

I gotta tell you that this statement seems a little hard to believe. Counting what you weigh and adding skis, boots, bindings, clothes, and the loose change in your pockets, the two pounds (for the pair!) that the XX's might weigh less than your K2's can't possibly make any significant difference at all in how far you go off a jump.

I'm also surprised that you feel there's no shock absorption in the XX. I use a pair of 184's as an everyday crud/powder/mogul/backcountry ski and I feel they're smooth and easy and quite damp compared to some of the higher-energy skis I use. I would agree that there are *much* better hard-snow skis, but as a non-fat, all-around ski for Western conditions, I think a XX is one of the top choices out there.

Also, I've never quite bought into the whole wood versus foam debate. I think it's relevant as far as durability is concerned, especially for someone who skis hard for 100+ days per season. As far as ski *performance* is concerned, however, I've never been convinced. To be honest, I couldn't tell you what the cores of any of my skis are made of - other than the XX's and then only because everybody talks about them being foam-core and therefore being no good.

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hey all I agree that 184cm would be the right length for all around as my 181cm axis x pro works great, I also ski a k2 mach s 174cm & was surprised how versatile this 65mm underfoot ski is as I actually got to ski some powder with them & they worked great, I wanted to try a little shorter xx for moguls trees ect, I was not expecting the difference I found going over small jumps, lips ect but I can assure you its there, I don't think going to the next longer ski would solve the issues I have with this ski but just for grins I might try one in utah next month, bob what I was trying to say is that I have no problem with the core material being foam if the ski works as I have seen a lot of people dissmiss rossi skis because of the core, I still think this is a great ski for soft conditions but it is nowere close to being the stable smooth crud buster my axis x pro is & thats what I am comparing the xx to.
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I ski the Axis X Pro in a 181. I'm 5'10" 160. Yesterday I tried my friends Bandit XX in a 184. Skied steeps,bumps, groomed, packed powder to spring like. The ski is fantastic. My buddies were commenting that it looked like I was really enjoying the Bandits, I was.

I think the Axis X Pro is a little to rigid for my liking. The Bandits held well and turned with ease. The K2's need the skier to be more aware. You can't let them get away from you or you'll be working too much to bring them back. If I had to do it all over again I'd choose the XX's in the 184 but I'd also like to try the Axis X w/o the metal inside..
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160lbs on a 181cm ski, that is to much ski by todays standards at that weight you would be much happier on something in a 170cm. I'm 5'11" 190lbs and my longest ski is 177cm and I have a great time on my 170cm's.

I don't want to sound mean but with the shorter skis may be a lesson is in your future. It is amazing what shorter skis will do.
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I just spent 2 days on Bandit XX's. I have been demo-ing skis for awhile, moving from long boards to the modern type of ski.

Since, I am not cramming multiple days of skiing like I did when in college this process is taking some time.

5'10", 215 lbs., skiing for years, 7 - 8.

Here is where I came from:

Olin Mk. VII 203cm, the old reliable cruisers. Stable at high end, tough to make slalom turns : , terrible in crud and powder. Nothing better in the bowls and GS turns : .

Here is what I have tested:

K2 Axis X 188cm, nice and stable, confidence builders, cut through some crud, fairly comfortable at speed. [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]

K2 Axis X-Pro 188cm, a bit too stiff, had to be more aware, more stable at top end, not as comfortable in crud.

Atomic C9.18 180cm, very quick turning, seemed to be a bit short for my weight, good float in crud, a bit of chatter on the high end.

Rossignol Bandit XX's 184cm, can't really find anything wrong with this one! A bit slow to react at slow speeds, but quickly comes on as the juices start flowing. Stable at speed, good in the crud and steep. Looking at trying a 191cm, but my intuition tells me keep smiling with the 184cm. One of the best and most enjoyable skis I have been on.

I hope my experiences help, any feedback appreciated.
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About what you'd expect from a skier from Florida who only skis 7 to 15 times a year. Not only was this ski the wrong length for a skier of 195 lbs. but saying that any ski floats more air than another over jumps, oh well!!
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just the facts folks just the facts & I assure you that being from florida & only being able to ski x # of days does not mean I can't ski, ask kima, snokarver or pinhead, I do allright for a flatlander allthough I would love to see what I could do with atleast 100 days a season, not to mention my ski days are long. by the way what happened to all the people that say you just gotta have a shorter ski, I have never bought into the shorter ski deal but my 174cm mach s do very well thank you.
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Bteddy, Sorry, I'm not judging your skiing prowess, just your judgment of ski sizing. I really think if you had been on say a 184 instead, you might have enjoyed the ski more. Rossignols are not for everyone. K2's are not for everyone, ETC. Everyone has a distinct feel for what they want, and like, in a ski. Mainly because everyone is built differently and ski differently. Thus, what is good for one is not for another. Thus, the need for different brands, different sidecuts, different lengths and even different colors and designs. Fact is, the Bandit series, along with the XScream series of skis remain the most popular series of skis of all time. For many different reasons, but mostly because they are user friendly, good in all conditions and hold up very well. They're not bad looking either.
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I've beem Demoing a lot of skis this past season. I've skied the Bandit XX From a 191 on down to the 170. I really wanted to find out why so many skiers loved this ski. What I found was The Bandit XX isn't the ski for me. After skiing a few more Rossi skis I now know that I just don't like the feel of thier skis. I can see why people would like this ski. It does everything well. But for me there was a lack of excitment in the ride. Perhaps it's the soft shovel of the Bandit that put me off who knows? I'm just glad that we have so many skis to demo and choose from. Life would be boreing if we all liked the same ski.
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I'm with you, U49. I like pop and snap in my skis. That's why I loved the X-Scream Series so much. One of the shortcomings of my Axis X is that its energy is pretty well hidden, until you snap off some short radius turns and engage that tail power... you can get launched right into your next turn.

I haven't skied any of the Bandits since 1999, so that's where my comments originate -- the earlier models.
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Just another thought about the XX. I was supprised to see in Colorado in almost all the shops that sell XX's, they were still going for $599. The shops back here are selling them for around $399 right now. Since the new B2 came out they have really gone down in price. I only saw two shops out there that was selling B2's and they had a price tag of $779. I didn't pay any where near that for my set up and I can tell you that although the B2 is more versitile, I'd question paying the difference.

I have a feeling the XX is going to closing out real reasonable in the next few weeks.
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This is to anyone who wants to comment. I'm contemplating purchasing the Bandit XX, since it is the end of the season and prices are at a tempting point. I'm 52, 5'9", & 188lbs. and ski almost exclusively in the northeast, at places like Wildcat and Attitash in N.H. and Whiteface in N.Y. and stick to most of the Black runs. Most of the time I'm on groomed to light crud but rarely ski bumps anymore. I have a choice of 177 or 184cm length, which would be a better choice for me. I'm coming off a pair of Atomic Beta Race 9.20's, in a 180 length.

Thanks in advance,
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Ski Make: Rossignol
Ski Model: 02/03 Bandit xx
Ski Length: 170cm
Snow Conditions Used In: Spring corn, heavy and light crud, groomers, bumps
Number of Days Used: 2
Your Ability: 8
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 10
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 10
Other Skis You Like: Rossi Bandit X, Atomic R:EX, Atomic Betaride 9.22
Your Height/Weight: 5'7" 150#
Comments: Skied it at Vail on the frontside and Back Bowls. A great all around ski. Does everything well. Very easy to initiate turns. Not too demanding and forgives minor to moderate mistakes/technique flaws. Carves, skids and does everything in between easily. Great on all terrain. Didn't get a chance to ski true powder. Very quick edge to edge. Very light and responsive feeling. Sometimes just a tad bit jittery at high speeds (probably due to the short length). Overall, a very nice all mountain, do everything ski. Would be a great choice as a single ski quiver if you like the light, very responsive Rossi feel.

Edit: Very good in moderate to largish bumps (Back Bowls, Whistle Pig, Prima and Pronto at Vail). Plows through crud nicely but can be deflected a little at high speeds in heavy snow.

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