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It's been 18 years . . .

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Hello All - I am new to this forum. I've just read a whole bunch of threads and the collective knowledge here is quite awesome. So I though my questions would be amazingly simple for this crowd -

I have been skiing on Nordica Grand Prix for 18 years. 1994 model, puchased in early 95. This is the loud green and yellow model. This was the race boot of the day; anyone above 40 would certainly agree, i hope. Size 285. I am now using Intuition Luxury liners, size 290, thin versions. This set up with custom footbeds fits like a dream. Yes, the boots are stiff and the shins take a beating the first few days of the season. But 5 days into the season, all discomfort is forgotten. And the performance is quite good.

Nonetheless every few years, I start wondering if I am missing something by not getting into newer boots. Hummmm.

Would the current Dobermann model have something about it that has an edge over the 18 year old set up that is still near perfect? And the Patron Pros look so cool, but will they really have any noticeable advantage in fit and performance?

Yes, I am a bit afraid of the process of getting new boots. But if I am missing out on some breakthrough technology, I am willing to give it a try.

Appreciate any thoughts. Also, any insight on how the shape of the Grand Prix matches up to any current model is appreciated.

Thank you!!!
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why not try some of the new boots you like on and see how they feel to your feet.



lighter plastics and warmer liners.

stiffer side to side, softer forward (to match newer shaped skis)

not worn out toes and heels.

not smelly,no

bend buckles,


new boots have some advantages, but that might not be worth that much to you.

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Mntlion - thank you for your time and thoughts. Yuri
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