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New skis, keep popping out of bindings?

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I just bought a pair of Atomic Automatics and I was skiing last weekend and kept popping out of my bindings at horrible times... I don't know if it is the binding itself, the setting I have it on (around 8.5), or if the shop mounted it incorrectly.  Any recommendations?

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did you checked you weight/height/bsl with a din table to see if the 8.5 is what you should be skiing? Also, just to be sure, did you make sure there was no ice built up in the boots or bindings?

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Could be a lot of things. Improper DIN. Not enough forward pressure. Worn boot. Bad mount. Poor technique. 

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I vote incorrect BSL mount or bad forward pressure.  A skier would have to be HUGE and have horrible technique for multiple pre-releases with the DIN at 8.5.  Something's more out of whack than the DIN.

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What bindings are they? My Marker Griffons were back for tweaks three times because the toe piece height or something needed tightening. They finally tightened it to just barely within spec. Never had an issue like that with my other bindings.

Also many years ago, my husband bought new skis and the distance between the toe piece and the heel piece on one pair was TOTALLY different from the other pair! You just had to look at them and you could see it. Boots went in both, but one was set too far apart to hold. Fortunately we noticed before he skied on them.
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They are Head mojo 12... And it's only one ski that seemed to have the problem. I'm about to take it to the shop today to see if they can tweak it any. I pushed the binding settings to 9 but that is probably too aggressive. I'm 6'2" and weigh 190ish. I had been skiing 8.0 -8.5 on demos throughout the season. My boots were purchased this year and are in good shape still... So it's not that.
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Two words... forward pressure.


With your boot in the binding, look behind the heel for the forward pressure adjustment tab - you'll see it because it has little scribed lines on it. Does the edge of the heel housing line up within the scribed lines with the boot engaged. Check both bindings - do you see a difference? Should ideally be bang in the middle of the lines - either extreme is not so good.


If the tab is disappearing into the heel then you have too much forward pressure and should move the heel back a notch on the ratcheted track.

If the tab is hardly being pulled in at all then you have too little forward pressure and should move the heel forward a notch.


If all looks good then something else is up.

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Page 21 of this: http://ci.create-ion.at/files/2008_2009/Techn.Manual.08.09.eng.pdf shows a picture of correct forward pressure.  I have not used these bindings and am not a tech but was considering them so I did some research.  Take what I say with a grain of salt--I'm not an expert. They appear to be more sensitive than most to boot wear and are recommended by some only  for new boots or boots with replaceable toe blocks.  Some have found them incompatible with certain boots. Some have also found them more sensitive to forward pressure than other bindings. Because of the upward (diagonal) release some have found them prone to prerelease, and the Mojo 15 has a stronger upward toe release than the 12 (race diagonal vs full diagonal toe) and does not have diagonal release on the heel.  Suggest you take back to the shop and let them sort it out for you. I didn't buy them because my boots have solid plastic one piece soles and are several years old. I did like the idea of the diagonal release, especially on the toes.

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