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Ski choice question [Fischer Progression 800/900 for Europe]

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Hello Epic skiers!


I improved my skiing level and I'm going to buy a new skis.

I'm from Europe (Bulgaria) and our resorts are around 1700-1900 m altitude.

I like groomed runs, but we have something like 70/30 days with firm/ wet snow conditions. I'm skiing around 20 days an year.

I would say my skiing level is intermediate/advanced and I'm going to improve it to only advanced next year.

My height is 178 cm and I weight 165 lbs.

I'm in a good shape (I do sports 3-4 days in a week) and my age is 32.

I like to ski on piste, carving turns, and when there is not a bunch of a people on the slope I increase the speed and the turn radius.


So here is my question.

I'm looking to get a Fischer Progressor 900, but I'm wondering which one 2013 or 2012. Here the price is the same - $450.

First I was going to buy the 800, because they were first in 2012 and 2013 world ski test, but I reconsidered (Is this a right decision?).

From what I read the difference between 2012 and 2013 P900 is the binding (and may be something I didn't saw with my amateur eyes)?


So what do you say?

Also which size 165 or 170?

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Welcome to EpicSki!  What length skis have you been using?

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Thanks for the reply!


Right now I'm using Atomic ETL 168 cm.

I'm not that kind of a skier with a lot of skis, I just buy one pair and use them all the time.


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I have the Progressor 9+ from a couple years ago, which is supposed to be very similar to the 900.


It's a great ski for on piste.  Built like an SL race ski but much more forgiving.  Fairly damp, but still responsive.  Works well at any speed.  No speed limit for practical purposes, though it's more comfortable making shorter radius turns (the one I have is 14/17m dual radius@175cm).


It's okay in bumps and fluffy powder, but not a particularly fun ski in heavy/wet ungroomed.  First, they're heavy and skinny and fully cambered.  Second, I dunno if it's the dual radius or what, but they tend to get grabby unless you're very careful.


The 8+/800 should be a bit softer, which is probably more forgiving in bumps/crud but would give up some on-piste performance.  Would be a great ski for an intermediate looking to improve, but an expert could probably overpower it.




I'm not aware of any major changes to the Progressor line in the last few years.  If the 2013 is the same price as the 2012 you might as well go with that (better resale value, if nothing else).  But I don't think there have been significant changes.

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I've owned the Progressor 8+ for 3 or 4 seasons now.  Great ski for firm groomers, bumps, and a bit of new snow.  The new 800 should be very similar.  The 900 is a step up in performance and (I think) similar to previous 10+, not the 9+.  The 800 is probably better for your current skill level, but the 900 would allow for improvement to the advanced/expert level.

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Thanks for the advices!



It seems that the 900 will be better choice for me since I'm going to improve my level.
And from what you've said doesn't matter which year 2012 or 2013.
What do you suggest 165 or 170 cm?
The most I like medium turns.
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