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Ski Make:Elan
Ski Model:2004 GSX stock
Ski Length:176
Snow Conditions Used In:soft fresh courdoroy
Number of Days Used:less than 1
Your Ability: 8+/9-
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing:14
Avg. Days per Year Skiing:30
Other Skis You Like:Fischer GS, Fischer RC, regular Elan GSX
Your Height/Weight: 5 foot 8, 155lbs
Comments: I got 4 runs on these yesterday. The conditions weren't ideal-lots of fresh snow in the last few days that had been groomed overnight. It had just started snowing, so after 4 runs, the groomers got choppy and soft enough so that it was time for a different pair. Anyways, I was able to get a feel for these skis.

Dimensions on this ski are 97/63/87 in the 176 length. It was mounted with the Marker Piston Plate and Comp 1400 bindings. The first couple of runs (with a smooth track) gave me the best feel for the skis, even though the snow was soft underfoot and I couldn't get a feel for their real holding power (although I can extrapolate-I am sure there is no lack of hold and power on ice).

The first thing I noiced is how smooth and quick these skis are. They just roll from edge to edge right when you think about initiating your next turn. Very stable and solid underfoot, and the rebound was ample (even on soft snow). They were actually more forgiving and slightly softer flex than the consumer GSX, with a more uniform flex pattern (according to Hans, who loaned me the skis). I could see myself free skiing on them. Forgiveness was in the same ballpark as the Fischer WC GS.

Unfortunately, it was hard to really drive the ski in the arc and pressure it, as the snow was so soft. I couldn't get a feel for changing the turn radii with pressure and how that feels on this ski. Likewise, I coundn't run gates on it, as by the time the course had been set up, more snow had fallen, and it wouldn't have been a good test anyway. I don't know if I would want these skis as a race ski in the Northwest, where it is always snowing-they didn't like the soft snow.

From what I felt today, this ski seemed very, very solid, quick, smooth, predictable-just how it should be. If you are on the consumer GSX, you may want to try out next year's stock GSX-I wouldn't be suprised if you find it to be a better ski without being more demanding.