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Dissertation Help

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Hi all, sorry for my first being about asking for help. I usually post a bit over on newschoolers but I've heard a lot of good things about this site so I plan on sticking around.


Anyway I'm finishing my final year at university soon and I need some respondents for my dissertation. I'm looking to see if there is a difference in sensation seeking (how likely someone is to seek new sensations) between skiers and snowboarders as well trying to find out if there is a connection between injury and sensation seeking.

The survey should only take a minute to complete and all the results are completely anonymous, the only personal details I need are age and gender.

Here's the link to the survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ML3YSN7

If anyone is actually interested I can post the results when i finish analyzing them.

Thanks for your help!!

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I'll do it but quite honestly surveys like this aren't as well received by new members with a "1" post count. 


Edit:  I just went to the link and am surprised at how some of the questions are displayed.  

Like this one. 

I'd have said agree if it weren't for the illegal attachment.



10. I like to have new and exciting experiences and sensations even if they are a little frightening, unconventional, or illegal.

* this is one example of a question that has one word to change the outcome. 


This survey looks more like a troll than a good survey. 

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Thanks for taking it even if you think it seems like a troll. It's based on Zuckerman's (1994) Sensation Seeking Scale Form V and Hoyle et al (2002) Brief Sensation Seeking Scale, it's a pretty well documented in psychology.


Anyway I've finished analysing all the data I got, thanks very much to everyone that took the questionnaire. It was a massive help and I ended up with 103 respondents overall so I was really pleased with that.

The results aren't really all that exciting, skiers and snowboarders had really similar levels of sensation seeking attributes (how likely someone is took go after new sensations and are willing to take risks, including legal risk, to get them).

Skiers had an average score of 22.45 out 32 and boarders had an average of 21 out of 32, the difference is hardly worth talking about and both scores are pretty high which was kind of expected.

I also tried to measure risk perceptions through injury and found that high sensation seeking isn't predictive of low risk perception. People who had been injured in the last 24 months had an average score of 22.38 out of 32 and those who hadn't been injured had an average score of 21.6 out of 32. It's such a small difference it doesn't really mean anything. The only issue with this was that one question on injury isn't the best way to measure someones risk perception.

As a kind of side not I also found that sensation seeking drops with age, although it's not a significant drop.


That's the full version of the questionnaire if anyone wants it, it'll give you your own score and a breakdown of the results.

Again thanks a lot to everyone that answered.

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