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Any Chalet recommendations for 12+

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Hello there,

Newbie here. Hoping somebody may have some suggestions for larger self catering Chalets.

We've been to Belle Plagne for the last five years as three families each with 2 kids, so 12 in all, and need a six bed min Chalet.

Feel we've been spoilt at Chalet Balcons, but looking for alternatives to expand our narrow world next year. Most important factor for us is ski in, ski out, and as we tend to go at Easter somewhere relatively high. Kids are all competent now so nursery slopes not now as important, but a range is good. Would be keen to explore Germany or Austria (France seems to be getting ever dearer comparitively).

Any suggestions would be much appreciated, and happy to help with any info for Belle Plagne if anyones considering it as a destination.


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Welcome to EpicSki!  Since you are asking about Europe, your thread was moved to the Eurozone  forum where it's more likely to be seen by those who could give you advice.

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My last month offered me a tour to France. Me and my family went their booked a  deluxe chalet in courchevel. The cateering staff of  it was awesome they were offering variety of cuisines and it was quite reasonable too !!


vente chalet de luxe courchevel


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I have a buddy who is based in Megeve, and this resort has a special pass that allows you to ski Chamonix-Argentieres as well.




Mike may be worth contacting. La Plagne may be too much like this neighborhood I'm recommending. Megeve has limited steeps but a delightful village.


I myself am into athletic endeavors besides skiing, which leads me to Verbier, where there are good indoor tennis courts and an Olympic pool.


A big maybe is Hossegor in the Carinthian Alps ... nobody goes there. Maybe a few wealthy Slovenians. Dramatic upgrades make the place kinda cool. No megasteeps however. Very good snow and astounding culture. I've been fascinated with CUBE resorts. They have one there and in Savoignin (sp?).

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bit tricky this without knowing budget but you can certainly improve on Belle Plagne in terms of character. my advice would be to use a search engine on a site like www.chaletpro.com (i am not connected) and to also post up on www.snowheads.com as it is far more Euro biased


once you find a resort you like the look of on chaletpro.com you can then broaden out your search and request further advice. I have done so many large group ski holidays in Europe it becomes difficult to advise because there are so many variables, even taking into account your ski in/out, kid friendly, high altitude etc


hope that helps 

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