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Ski Make: Dynamic
Ski Model: VR17
Ski Length: 160
Snow Conditions Used In: Groomers, steeps, shallow powder, bumps
Number of Days Used: 2
Your Ability: PSIA 7-8
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 30
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 80 (this year)
Other Skis You Like: Atomic 9.22, Elan SCX
Your Height/Weight: 5'11", 175lbs

Been looking for a short slalom type ski for some time now. Just got a complete steal on this ski, had my eye on them for a while, even though ecomomics are a litle sketchy souldn't pass up $299 for skis, bindings, and lifter.

I think this ski is very comparable if not basicically the same ski as the Atomic 9.12.

All I can say is the more I ski this ski, the more I love it, and the more amazed I am at how good ski tech has become. This is my first pair of radically shaped short skis, though I've demoed them a bit over the last five years.

Wow, can they hold an edge!! We've had fairly hard snow dcondition for the last week, including some glare ice. Nothing like eastern condition, but still enough to challenge any ski. A lot of patches where I have been skiing my 9.22s, I've had to be very gentle. On these skis, I just lean over and they dig -- at this point I have to say I think my limit is trust and not the skis -- they will break away, but rarely.

They also skid/slide very nicely. If you get them flat they are happy to go along for the ride. That's the thing taht has surprised me the most -- they support a lot of differnt turn radii.

But what they really do is carve smaller and medium radius turns. Its amazing the tracks you can lay, incredibly satisfying expereince. Great fun hyper-carving without poles. Haven't done a 360 yet, but close...

OTOH, they surprisingly don't seem to be as quick and open-feeling as my 190 9.22s in short turns! They tend to lock a little more in short turns, and can have a surprising pop. But I'm still getting used to them, and I _love_ my 9.22s.

Hi speed flats they wobble a ton, but never in a scary way. Get them on edge and they are of course fine. They do not of course hold speed as well as my 9.22s.

I've only done a bit of steeps, bumps and soft snow in them, but they handle exteremly well in these conditions. It is simply amazing how well they turn, and they have no problem bangin through wind-swept, cut-up chucnks, etc.. They do not appear to have the all out float and unflappability of my 9.22s, which have an amazing combination of lightness/flickability with a complete disregard for snow texture, but they seem close, and again, I haven't skied them that much.

As for feel, what can I say, I _love_ Atomic (Dynamic)!! For me, its just the right balance between knowing exactly what the skis are doing and smoothness.

Hey, I'm in heaven.

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