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I bought both of these new. 1 pair hasĀ  never even been mounted. The other has LITERALLY a few runs on and is as new.

Iirc I put about a 1/2 deg base and side on them. Just not my "flavour" of ski. Not going to keep them in my "collection".

The pair with the bindings on: Marker 9.1 Race with the EPS plate. These are a metal 14 din binding. In really excellent condition.

$50 per pair without bindings. $100 with. I have other skis with these bindings so I am not going to sell the bindings seperately.

Shipping will be ABOUT $40 without bindings..ABOUT $60 with. 2 pair without bindings should ship for about $60. 2 pair with 1 pair bindings should ship for about $75. Sorry..I can't do it any lower. Or else I just saw them up for chairs. I live out in the country. I am not in the ski or shipping business.Shipping skis is a pita. I have to physically drive out and get a box,then ship them. Thanks.