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Helmet + Goggles + Pressure on nose! Help!

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I finally gave in this year and bought a helmet - only because I was going to a Steep and Deep Camp and it was required.  Here's my problem.  I bought new goggles because I wanted a pair that would be narrow and would not be a problem with the helmet.  I bought some Spy Flower Power goggles.  Compared to any other goggles I have, these are narrow.  When I wear my helmet, I feel like I can't breathe because of the constant pressure on the bridge of my nose.  I tried tilting the helmet back to make more room for the goggles, but no matter what I do, I find wearing a helmet with goggles is very uncomfortable.  I'm tempted to just leave the new helmet at home.  Any other suggested brand of goggles that might be even narrower?

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What kind of helmet did you get?  What do you mean by "narrow?"  Do you mean the height of the goggles?  it is always recommended to buy helmets and goggles at the same time so you can make sure they work together.  I have a Smith Variant helmet and had Smith Knowledge OTG goggles and experienced much the same trouble you're having, plus my glasses always fogged.  I switched to Bolle X-9 OTG goggles and no longer have trouble with breathing or my glasses fogging.  I would recommend taking the helmet to a ski shop and trying on different goggles to see what feels best.

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What?!? A helmet that isn't comfortable? Unpossible. I've been told they are always more comfortable, warmer, in addition to making the wearer magically more intelligent and morally superior.


Seriously though, if one decides to go the way of the lobster top, one must carefully test goggles with said bonnet, as they often don't get along (or so I've been told often enough, happily I've never had a hat that didn't fit with my goggles wink.gif).

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I agree with Mtcyclist. My luck with ordering helmets or goggles over the Internet for either myself or my daughter over the years has been abysmal. We end up spending as much on shipping returns (or more) than we saved by buying locally. Buy them together or take your helmet with you to buy goggles. Even getting the same brand doesn't always work. Just as head shapes are all different, so are facial bone structures and noses.
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Although most goggles claim to be 'helmet compatable', they really aren't. My Von zipper Fishbowls fit with nothing but a beanie.


I have the Smith Variant brim and the best fit I have found for them is the Smith Transit goggles, they are classified as medium volume/small face. Not the best goggles in the world, but the only ones I can breath through with a helmet and not have the dreaded gap.


Already said, but the best advice is to go goggle shopping with your helmet, you can always buy online once you find a match.

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I had the same problem,Shop suggested Oakly Splice because it a bigger area around the nose.

All done with that now,been real happy with my purchase.

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Can you adjust the suspension in your helmet?  I had this problem with a Giro helmet but I found that it has a piece in the back that you can move to make the helmet sit back farther.  It worked for me.

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mtcyclist -


I also have the Smith Variant Helmet, and I am referring to the "height" of the goggles.  I forgot to bring the goggles with me when I bought the helmet, but I doubt I could find any goggles that are "shorter" than the ones I have.

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Posaune -


I'm not sure, but I will check when I get home.

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