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So this is my second season of skiing. I started late in life as I am stuck in the prairies and was not fortunate enough to discover/afford the sport. So now that I am older (31) I have induldged this season. I ended up going to Moonlight Basin, Big Sky, Lake Louise and Sunshine village.


I currently had purchased 169 K2 Recoils 121/90/115 at the beginning of the season to learn on. My height is 5'8 and my weight is 218 pds. These skis were ok for my beginner needs but felt a bit short by the end of the season.


At the end of this season I was skiing blues confidently, heading into easy tree lines, accidently went into a double black bowl (whoops) and made it out (probably didnt look pretty) and the odd black that isnt full of Moguls.


I was originally going to buy a second set of powder skis but a friend of mine who would like to try skiing opted to purchase my recoils so thus I have some cash to buy a new pair.


My biggest worry is picking the right length. I was targeting probably 176-179cm (based on brand) as I am still in an intermidiate learning stage (IMO) and do not want to go to long and have the ski drive me. I can always upgrade next season to longer once I improve.


I am heading to Whitefish, Jackson hole (hopefully) and Revelstoke next season and hope to ski a little more in the powder and explore off the groomers a bit more. With my current ski I had issues in snow over a 1.5 feet high. I do not charge on groomers, I have decided to stay out of the park for now (after a few faceplants) and when on the groomers/piste? (sorry not 100% up on the lingo) I tend to just cruise at my own speed with very limited power turns. Also I started to learn to ski switch near the end.


So the skis I have boiled it down to in my price range are the following. This is what I think they may do for me. (demo isnt an option due to where I live and the closest sports store is 2hrs away and has already put away their winter products)


Feel free to inform me if any of these are a wise decision or if I have totally just jumped off a cliff lol.



Line Influence 105 179cm - A bit more of a burly ski but it may allow me to charge a bit more as I get more and more experienced. Read it had ok float but not great.


Also was looking at Line Prophet 100s 179s if I can find them.



Line Sir Francis Bacon 178cm - A more playful, fun ski to cruise the groomers but also get into deeper snow and I think I may be leaning towards them.


K2 Pettitor 179cm - read alot of good things about them but may be a bit too wide for me at 120 but found a decent price.


Not really a fan of Volkl (my 1st year ski) just found that after one season they looked trashed.



Any comments or suggestions would be awesome. please dont flame me lol I am new to the sport and just want to improve.