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Dynastar Intuitiv 71

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Ski Make: Dynastar
Ski Model: Intuitiv 71
Ski Length: 182
Snow Conditions Used In: hardpack, packed pow, cut-up pow
Number of Days Used: 1
Your Ability: not bad, if I do say so myself
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 41
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 25
Other Skis You Like: Volkl G3 & P40 Platinum, Atomic R:EX, Dynastar Intuitiv 74
Your Height/Weight: 5'/11", 180 lbs

Have found reviews of this ski mixed in with reviews of other skis, so will start a thread for this ski.

Will cut right to the chase here. I was very disappointed in this ski. I love my Intuitiv 74's, so I expecting to really like the 71's too. Big letdown.

Took the ski out for a day at Snowbird. Rather warm day, bright sunshine, great day for skiing. No fresh snow, pretty soft stuff in Mineral Basin, lots of chop from a small storm a few days earlier.

I just never felt comfortable on these skis. The tips felt way to soft and seemed to get deflected all over when plowing through the crud. Get 'em up to speed on the hardpack and the skis wouldn't track - too much chatter in the tips, not enough edge grip. The only place they seemed to shine was skiing the soft groomed at moderate speed. Then they carved well. Otherwise, the rest of the time they just felt like I overpowered them. Give me my 74's anyday!
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Although my claim to notoriety on this web site has to do with my love for the Rossignol Bandit XX, I did not have such a poor experience on the Intuiti 71 - actually, opposite fom yours. I'm 150, 5'8" and of modest skills. I skied the 71 in 167 and longer - I really enjoyed both, and your reports are just counter to my own experiences and the experiences of many others. I'm suspecting you got skis with a bad tune.

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Oboe, you may be right. It is also possible after spending the previous day on a pair of Atomic R:11's that the 71's simply paled in comparison so that I found myself being overly critical. I just found the ski really flat and lacking in strength. I didn't get much 'pop' coming out of turns, and when I tried to ski fast and make some big GS turns on the groomers, they didn't inspire any confidence that they were going to hang on and follow my course. I note that Keelty puts these skis a notch below the 74's (intermediate to low expert) and I would concur. For me, these skis felt at their best when I didn't push them too hard. But then I didn't go to Snowbird to cruise the blue groomers. I didn't find the ski to be quick and nimble as Keelty did which may be indicitive of a bad tune. It may be too that the binding on the ski was causing a problem. Keelty lists the ski as requiring a "proprietary" binding, just like my 74's, but these skis did not have Look bindings (or Rossignol's either). So it's also possible that the rental bindings were interferring with the autodrive plate and were causing a flat spot or preventing the ski from flexing properly. My .02, for what it's worth to anyone, is I simply didn't like these skis for the reasons stated above.
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I do concur in this: Although I found the Intuitiv 71 "smooth", please bear in mind that I don't weigh a lot and I'm not a "power skier". Also bear in mind that my own complaint about the 71 was that it's not quick edge to edge - thus, I went to the Rossi Bandit XX which I found quicker.

Now that I re-read what you've written in your two posts above, at least some of your report makes more sense to me. I see the 71 as a "doctor/lawyer" ski and a very good one for that purpose - somewhat different from yours, would you say? Nevertheless, I still found it better at GS turns at speed than you did - and the tune may have been the culprit.
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I could see the 'doctor/lawyer' label on these skis too. From my own experience, I'd put my P40 Platinum's, which could also carry the 'doctor/lawyer' label, ahead of the 71's - equally adept at cruising, but much more versitile. I could also see that these ski might work much better for a lighter skier.
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Lighter skier, yup.
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I tried these last year the same day I demoed the Bandit XX. It didn't have any problems with chattering and thought they were faster than the Bandits edge to edge but you really had to stay forward on them to get the response. The other thing I really noticed about them was they felt REALLY heavy compared to the Bandit. They had the same bindings on them and relatively same length 182 vs 184. I thought they carved very well but didn't like them at all in the bumps. Probably due to the fact that the margin of error with being forward or slightly back made a bigger difference in the performance than with the Bandit.
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I am 5'9 180, have skied more years than I would like to admit. Decent skier with good technical skills. These were the first shaped skis I demoed. They were not to my liking at all. I am now on a pair of Dynastar 4X4 Powertracs in 186 and there is no comparison at all from Powertrac to Powertrac. I found the Intuitive 71's in 175 cm to be squirrely, hooky, and unstable at GS speeds. They will not run straight at any speed. We had some mashed potatoes later in the day and those Intuitivs got bashed around totally. The older 4X4s are very smooth skis at speed and will go thru almost anything short of a brick wall without so much as a whimper. I have not found a speed where the older 4X4s get flaky. The Intuitives were limited to about 30 or 35 MPH for sure and were really on the verge even at 25. I have a friend at work who demoed the same ski and found them exactly the same as I did. He could not find a turn for the Intuitivs where he felt comfortable. I guess it is just different strokes for different folks. Now if those 2004 Volkl T50 Supersport Four Stars would just get here in time for the last of the season. (Due in Friday)

Went skiing today, the powder was of the fifty degree variety. Actually a nice day with very soft granular over hardpack. Just for grins I tried the Intuitive 71 in a very short length, 157 cm. It was a fun carver at that length and keeping the speed down with short radius carves kept the ski within its speed limitations, which I consider to be REALLLLLLLLLL SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I think this one has to be skied short.

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