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Beginner/Intermediate Twintip Skis (Women)

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I'm actually a snowboarder so the question here isn't for me. (; But my girlfriend is currently alpine skiing a bit and she mentioned (last time we were at the mountain) that she possibly wanted to start jibbing and shredding! This made me really happy, since i'm learning park riding as well. Her birthday is coming up this summer, so the question is... what twintip ski do you recommend for her? She skis pretty well (carving), but she's never been shredding the park before, so i'm looking for a beginner/intermediate twintip ski!

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Hey Sage,


I've got some good news for you! If your friend can already ski well all over the mountian, then she really doesn't need a beginner or intermediate twin tip ski. What she should really be looking for, is a solid all mountain ski, that also happens to be twin tipped.


Fortunately, there are a lot of skis in that genre that could work well for her. It's hard to give specific ski advice without knowing what length she is looking for, but here are a few good options that we currently have available at Skiessentials.com:


2012 K2 MissConduct- $249: This ski is 85mm in the waist, feature's K2's AT Rocker, and are fairly soft. These would be your introductory twin tip skis, but like I said, if she's already skiing all mountain, then she can definitely handle stiffer park skis. They might be a good choice though if she wants a cheap ski to start with, just to test the waters.


2013 K2 MissDemeanor- $399: This ski is pretty similar to the K2 MissConduct. It's 90mm in the waist, and also slightly stiffer. This would be a better choice if you think your friend will end up using these all over the mountain, and not exclusively in the Terrain Park.


2013 Volkl Gem- $299: This has the narrowest waist of any options I've mentioned, coming in at 81mm. It's flex is similar to the MissConduct, but it's thin waist makes it more nimble. This would be the ski to choose if she wants a ski specifically for the terrain park, and has concerns about being able to throw her skis around easily. This ski's narrow waist and Sensorwood Light Core make it ideal for learning spins and getting used to the weight of skis when she hits features.


2013 Salomon Rockette 92- $439: This ski is more comparable to the K2 MissDemeanor. It has a good mid flex, and has a waist width of 92mm. This would be the choice if she wants a ski to use every day, and all over the mountain. It'll handle park well, but also be able to take on trails and even float a bit in soft snow. We also have the 2013 Salomon Rockette 90, which is slightly softer, and slightly narrower.


So just to sum everything up again... your friend doesn't really need a beginner park ski, unless she wants it. The benefits would be a lighter ski that's easier to learn tricks on. Although to be quite honest, the differences in weight and agility between these skis is mostly minimal, and I don't think she'd have any problem learning to ski in the park on any of these skis. The tradeoff here of course, is that if she buys a ski that's soft and nimble, its use is mostly confined to the terrain park. If she gets one of the wider, stiffer skis, then she'll have a blast taking it all over the mountain. Personally, I'd recommend either the 2013 K2 MissDemeanor, or the 2013 Salomon Rockette 92


Hope this helps!

Matt @ Skiessentials.com


P.S.- The prices I listed here are before the 20% off is applied, so multiply those numbers by .8 and that's what she'll be paying!

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Thanks a lot! I'll have a further look into the Demeanor and the Conduct, seem like great options! Thanks for all the information as well, I'll check out your website as well!:)

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Not a problem at all! As a little side note, K2 is my personal favorite for park skis, so the Demeanor and MissConduct would be two great choices. In my experience, K2 skis are the most playful and fun to ride on, and also the most durable. I've had a couple of pairs of K2's last 3+ years, which is basically unheard of for a park ski.


Anyways, if you have any more questions, feel free to shoot me a message!


-Matt @ Skiessentials.com

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