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Fischer Vacuum 110 and Morton's Neuroma

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This year I went all-in on new boots. I tried a number of boots and decided on the Vacuum 110. My old boots were a Salomon model listed as a 98mm in a 28.5 and Full Tilts in a 28.5. The Vacuums and the other boots I considered were shell fit and according to the boot fitter and my own observations the Fischer seemed to have the starting best fit plus the advantage of the heat fitting. I read here about the tight toe box in the Fischer so I asked that the shop use two toe caps (one inside the sock and one outside) to make sure I had enough toe room.

The boots felt good initially but were cold a ice. I never had a cold foot problem before so I spent most of the winter trying to solve it with different liners and Boot Gloves but finally broke down and bought Hotronics - should be standard equipment on 2013 Vacuums!

In an effort to make them warmer the shop punched the big toe and little toe sides of the shell and tried to square-out the front of the shell and liner with another stretch.

The boots loosened as they broke in but over the winter I developed what I and the boot-fitter diagnosed as Morton's Neuroma. The shop tried to help that by adding cushioning to my custom foot-beds. It helped a little but did not solve the problem.

I dismissed the problem as primarily related to my age (65) but now that I'm back in the south and playing 18 holes of golf a day my forefoot issues have largely gone away! There is still an occasional tweek but nothing like the numbness I fought everyday this past ski season.

I will be attacking this problem again in December. What do you recommend I do? How should I proceed? How can I help my boot fitter solve my foot problem?

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It is difficult to diagnose here but the problem you are having could in fact be caused by a pinching of the nerves running to your toes.  It could also be caused by other things, but let's assume you are correct for the moment.  Your and the bootfitters assumption is this means the boots are too narrow in the forefoot.  Compression of the forefoot can also be caused by pronation inside the boot bringing the medial side of your foot (navicular or even medial malleolus into contact with the shell which then moves your forefoot laterally in the shell.  In essence your foot twists inside the boot and compressive forces are applied at the fifth met.  So while I can't be certain here you could put your foot inside the shell with your heel buried in the heel pocket and check for space around the medial side of your mid and hind foot.  If your foot is contacting while simply standing looking straight ahead then definitely make some space.  If it only contacts as your foot pronates then make less space but you still may benefit from some.



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Thanks Lou,


I'll do the shell check around the little toe.


Additional information - Despite heating stretching the toe area first across the front and then to get more room on the outside edges - I never needed to tighten the lower two buckles on either foot. I usually tried to snug them up enough that the buckle did not come loose but nothing tighter than that. I did try one notch tighter for a few hours a time or two but it seemed to cause the pain to come faster.


Some my ask why we worked on this problem for three months. I think I confused "cold" as being a liner and shell issue and not a fit problem. We did some shell and liner stretches to make the boot more comfortable and warmer. After adding the Hotronics and seeing the temperatures warm in the Spring I still had a problem with numbnesss. During the initial weeks of a cold January I thought numbness was a result of cold - now I suspect that at least some of the cold foot problem was a result of poor circulation that was also the cause of the numbness and neuroma.


Any additional thoughts are appreciated.



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