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TR - Mammoth, 4/5 - 4/7, still gotz a little Winter left...

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SO I packed somewhat 'light' for expected 'Spring' conditions, and was a little surprised.

Yes, we had some warm times, but also enough chill to make layers necessary.


I was expecting corn over most of the mtn and 'refrozen' on the upper mtn.


Surpise! It's still pretty much winter up there! And plenty of Snow!


Friday, Apr 5, was a mostly bluebird day, with a few scutting clouds, and temps right around 20-22 at the summit and around a high of 40 at the base, McCoy Station was hovering just above 32.

BUT, some of the best, most consistent snow of the whole season on the upper pitches.

Snow was so good that I took quite a few others, down Climax, them doing this for their 1st time!

And had a couple runs down Hangman's, again with a couple whom had never done it before.

Snow was SO great, I never left the upper Mtn for the 3 days!

Snow Depth?  Awesome good.

Here's a shot of the summit, Jan (who is and was not grumpy, in spite of pic, Monika, and moi... in my vintage Spring shell)



BTW- here's a shot showing the Summit sign without snow... I think it's about 18-20 ft tall.



Here's 2 of Hangman's area, one is more closeup


look close at left of middle on the top of the cornice, you'll  see 2 dirt spots - skiers...


And one of the chair 23 area - left to right , Dropout2, Dropout1, Chair 23, Wipeout1, Wipeout2



I mean, the conditions were truely excellent, consistent, winter snow on the upper Mtn! And Hangeman's hasn't been this good since the massive dumps, 2 yrs ago.


Sat, Apr 6, was a bit busier. but still almost never had to wait a line, except for the McCoy station gondie, during Mid-Day. Otherwise it was mostly ski right onto the lift, especially chair 23. Temps were a bit warmer, but the upper Mtn stayed really light and dry until the very end of the day. Skied bell to bell, with barely a stop for lunch. Dave's, Chicken Heuvos, Climax, Hangman's, the Dropout Chutes, the Wipeouts were ALL most excellent! All Day! and the next...


Sun, Apr 7, the temps actually dropped!  Where the prior days had Summit temps right around 20-22F and hit highs of 24-26F, Sunday started with the summit at 13F and never went above 20F. The upper mtn did set up a bit, but the sun helped soften it just enough to not have to consider groomers...

Chair 23 area softened perfectly to give a combo of great windlbown and easily edgeable hardpack - winter stuff which was unexpected. Not quite hero snow, but a whole lot moe betta than slushin thru mush.


All in All, an incredibly good 3 days, especially considering the warmer trends. As the afternoon progressed, more weather and clouds started blanketing the upper Mtn, in prep for what was gonna be the 4-5 inches of snow which fell on Sunday night...

Gonna plan another long wkend in the near future, cause I don;t think winter has left Mammoth.

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You need to share this thread link on the Gathering thread for next year ;)

I have GOT to convince my husband that I need to go one more weekend and see if he wants to join me. Conditions you posted sound better than what we had last week!

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Thanks for sharing, I was wondering what we missed. We drove home on the 5th :-( We had a great time skiing 2nd, 3rd and 4th though. The 4th began as rain then turned to snow. We had the heavy shells on but could've used therms under our pants as well as a heavier polarfleece up top.



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