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Varus Heel Wedge?

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I injured my leg twenty years ago. One of the muscles in my calf ended up being shortened by scar tissue. Now my right foot turns in when I walk. If normal is 12 O'clock, my foot turns in to point at half past 10.


When I straighten my foot up to ski, I engage one of my edges (I think it is my inside edge).


In the past I have tried custom foot beds from a ski shop, and the custom orthotics that I use in my running shoes, Both help, but they both have an incredibly high instep / arch. The arch twists my foot and (I think) makes it hard for me to balance with my foot because I'm standing on the lateral edge of my foot .


I've been skiing for the last couple of years with a Superfeet Green insole, with a heel lift fixed to it. Raising my heel seems to flatten my forefoot and get me more in balance. This works, but I still think I could do better.

I read a post by mntlion on TGR which has got me thinking about trying a heel wedge that is higher (posted) on the medial side. I've mail ordered some to try out (thanks mntlion).

Two questions...

i. Has anybody got any other ideas?

ii. The snow is 8 hours away, so I've been trying out different footbeds by putting them in my ski boot and standing on one foot to check my balance. Is this a good idea? Or is there another way to try out insoles without skiing?

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This is difficult.  The high arch and medial lift may both end up with your foot in the same position and you still may feel as if you have too much weight on the lateral side of your foot.  However, using a medial wedge to reposition your foot may take pressure off your arch which will make you more comfortable and give you greater foot mobility which may help your balance.



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