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Dilema on buying new boots

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I want to replace my old boots. Getting too soft and also wearing two pairs of ski socks ( not a good idea ). 


I consider myself an eastern medium-advanced all mountain skier. Not expert. Not a racer. I love to ski all over the mountain: glades, trees, bumps ( medium bumps please not competition.), Powder ( Maybe I shouldn't call powder.. The few inches of fresh snow we get in NY state ) 


Based on the above what's a good boot to buy. Also, should I go to a boot fitter before I buy or should I buy the boot first and go to the fitter.





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Welcome to EpicSki.  Nobody can recommend a specific boot or even a specific brand.  Boots have to fit and the best boot for you is the one that fits best.  Go to the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum and read the wikis on fitting and terminology so you have a better understanding of how boots should fit.  Then check the "Who's Who" to see if there is a boot fitter listed near you.  If there is, call and make an appointment.  If there isn't one listed, ask here and someone will be able to recommend a fitter.  Don't buy boots first because you are likely to buy boots that are too big and "too big" can't be fixed except by getting boots that aren't too big.  Follow the recommendations of the fitter and remember that a new pair of boots that are the right size for you will feel tight, almost too small.  The liner will pack out after a few days skiing and then the fit will be correct.


Good luck and have fun.

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If you let people know where you are located, here is an example of suggestions for boot fitters that EpicSki members might share.  The EpicSki list is a good place to start but is a little dated.  In this case, the OP is near Boston.




I'm in central NC, not exactly a skiing mecca.  But even so there is a good ski shop with an experienced boot fitter who found something that was "new old stock" for a good price and I could get a custom heat-molded footbed as well.  I much prefer buying boots as locally as possible.  There are too many variables when it comes to boot shape and features.

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See a good bootfitter first. 


If I'd taken my own advice a few years ago, I wouldn't have recently discovered that my son has been skiing in a boot two sizes too big for him. It was only because he'd grown (up and out) and was obviously overflexing the boot that I took him to a shop and discovered this sad fact. I think it's natural that if we're left to our own devices when trying on boots, we will generally walk out with a ski boot at least one shell size too big, and probably lots of other potential issues relating to width, volume etc. If you have a good bootfitter, not only will they sell you a boot that fits you, but they will work with you after the purchase and after the liner starts to pack out, to ensure that it continues to fit, often for no or little extra $$. 


If they don't have the right boot (end of season, limited stock etc), look for another recommended bootfitter. It is possible to buy ski boots from a shop that doesn't offer decent bootfitting, and have it end well, but a) you'd really need to know what you were doing and b) you would still most likely need a bootfitter later, and have to pay for the service.

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Definitely buy from a bootfitter.  Basic adjustments should be part of the price, including adjustments for a period of time after purchase. You should only have to pay extra for fitting if you bought elsewhere. Footbeds would be extra.  Only reason to buy on line, for example, would be if the fitter recommends a particular model that he is out of in your size.  Might be a specialty boot shop, or a general ski shop with a good fitter. 

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Here is a link to the America's Best Bootfitters website.  Many of the shops that are listed on the site have bootfitters who are affiliated with Epic. 



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