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I picked up a cheap pair of older High Society classic twin tips ($99) to mess around with.  Anyway, after waxing them a number of times and taking them out on the hill, I immediately noticed they were slower than any other pair of skis I have.  I changed waxes and re-waxed and no matter what I do, they are just flat out slower than my other pairs of skis.  According to the manufacturer specs, they are sintered bases, but are they? Could they be extruded bases? I also notice they have a fairly pronounced linear structure.  Could that be why they are also not as quick in rotating in pivot slips? Would a grind help?  I have waxed, scrapped and brush numerous times. No p-tex hairs, burn base look or anything else.  Just a slow glide.  It also seems like the skis don't absorb the wax the same way as my other skis and I can't get them to feel "slick" in my hand. What is the problem?