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Boot cuff height in relation to tibia length

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I have been told by a few people that my boots are too low for the length of my tibia bone. I am an expert skier with 23.5 Lange ZA/ZA boot. Is there an optimal ratio between the length of the tibia bone and height of the ski boot cuff?
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Interesting question-----


In any model, size run of boots the manufactures will make, the 23.0 mondo to the 32.0 mondo boot will have the same


forward lean angle. an unintended result of this is that a smaller boot will have its boot sole center back in under the knee


more than on any larger size boot.  In affect a person in a 23.0 will have their knee pushed more forward than a person in a 32.0


the person in the 32.0 may be standing too upright over their boot sole center.


So you are in a 23.0 and have this affect (boot sole closer too heel) pushing your knee forward and by extension since


your tibia is longer this magnifies the problem even more (geometry involved here). 


So far as leverage----- the lower boot shell will have slightly less power but I doubt this will have too great an affect on your skiing control,


it's more important that the shell fit your foot correctly.



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It is not the decreased power from the lower boot I am worried about. I am concerned about the height of the upper boot as 23.5 always come with a short cuff. This way my boot hits much lower then lets say my husband boot (size 25.5) His tibia only 1/2 inch longer, but he is in the taller cuff because of the bigger boot size.

So I am concerned I am skiing shorter boots the I should be, which degrates my performance - hurder to drive bigger or race skis
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Your question is a good one and to this point to the best of my knowledge nothing has been published or extensively researched on the topic.  So while there may be an optimal ratio no one has announced it to the world.  However, there are several issues here, one is that as in all things there would be a variation based on personal preference and probably individual physiology.


But how tall are you and is this a rhetorical question or does there seem to be some control or power missing in your skiing?  Modern techniques don't require substantial tip pressure so the difference in height would primarily affect lateral forces.



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I am not tall at all - I am 5'3", but I have VERY heavy bones. I am instructor and expert skier, who skies from the first chair to the last. Therefore short fury ski booties do not do the trick. When I get on powder ski that are 110 or bigger under foot, I start to experience power transfer issues. It feels like ski owerpowering and laterally twist the boot in the middle of the foot and at the top. I also encounter the same issue when I put on slalom ski to work on PSIA gimmiks. My doughter, who has the same size and style of the boot - Lange plug, does not have this issue, but she is very pettite and her tibia in 2cm shorter then mine. Then I started to look at other people around me and saw that all women in short cuff sizes are much shorter then me andeverybody else has a bigger foot and therefor wears longer cuff. One of my friends (level 3 instructor and race coach) mentioned that she specificly buys boots one size bigger then she needs in order to get into the longer cuff.
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i certainly wouldn't be thinking about buying a larger shell to get a taller cuff..the resultant lack of control would make it a complete PITA ...if you feel you need the taller cuff then you may be able to get hold of the next some up cuff only to put onto your current lower shell.... problem....... you have already got another thread running about a big calf muscle and needing the boot stretched in that area...a taller cuff will result in you needing even more of this to get centred, the solution is probably to have a play with the boots and a local fitter, if you know someone with the same boot in the next size you could always try their cuff on your lower shell..it is all nut and bolt on that boot so not a difficult thing to try

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