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Ski Make: Rossignol
Ski Model: 9X oversize
Ski Length: 164
Snow Conditions Used In: PP
Number of Days Used:1
Your Ability:Exp/rcr
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing:29
Avg. Days per Year Skiing:30
Your Height/Weight: 5'10" 200 lb
Awesome do anything fast ski! I usually ski on a Rossi 9X PPS 2002 model in 174. I didn't think I could go any shorter as I tried a friends 02 9X PPS in 167 and found it too unstable at speed. The new 9X oversize(a bit wider than the standard 9X) was incredibly smooth for someone of my size, especially in such a short size(164). The harder I pushed it the more it held, the harder the snow, the better the grip. I've skiied on nothing but 208's for years and am astounded at how much fun some of these new high performance short skis have become. I assume the wider width gives it better stability in shorter sizes, not as quick edge to edge as a narrower ski but plenty of control and quickness for a high speed GS cruiser. The front of the top surface has a funky texture to it, not sure why but strange. Great new grapics. You will love the ride!