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Volkl makes these SL race stock skis for the 2012/13 season:


155 113-65-97
157 111-65-99
Plus the 165 cm ones, of course.


Does anyone happen to know what the purpose of the 157 cm skis is? I mean, know as opposed to speculate, as I do in the following paragraph :-)


I assume that the 155 are the "standard women" race skis. Volkl used to make 160 cm skis, which were sometimes referred to as "junior transition" skis [rightly or wrongly], but this case looks different. The 157 cm ones appear to have more tail and less shovel - at least going by the spec. Is this just a another option then, for those who might prefer such a setup? If so, why isn't the 165 cm also offered in two flavors?