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Best All Mountain Ski for NZ

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I am looking for an all mountain ski for NZ conditions. Mostly North island which I suspect might be similar to East Coast in USA - only a few powder days circa 10cm, and a long spring season. I ski probably park 10%, piste 40%, off piste 50%. Am 95kg (210 pounds) 6 foot 3, done 3 seasons and fairly comfortable anywhere on the mountain, dabbling in 2 meter drops etc but want to get better. I have been skiing a set of 180cm boone magic sticks (125 / 93 / 119) but have grown out of them, i think theyre too short and they have no rocker so struggle off piste, and I have a pair of 189 K2 Obsethed (146 / 117 / 134) which are mint for charging straight lines but heavy so not very playful or easy to manuovere and can be hard work when i have to spend the day on piste due to ice everywhere else. 


So I am thinking a ski which is twin tip (trying to learn to switch ski), early rise, 90-100 underfoot, medium to stiff flex, 185-190cm length, light, playful as keen to learn to spin, can carve easy and can standup in often cruddy off piste conditions while i look for soft snow, and stable at pace under my weight.


Can anyone suggest what skis i should be looking at. I have been looking up best all mountain skis on about 10 different websites and there is no consistency whatsoever. Cheers.

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Whats your local shop selling?

I eeny, meeny, miny mo my Mantras and Ninthward THAs for NZ but I don't go in the park. The club fields for me.
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Will most probably buy online from the states so should be able to get anything. Had a look at the Ninthward, I will probably keep my Obsethed so dont need it to be too fat. Mantras are on my list, have been looking at:



185 Salomon Rocker2 130 / 90 / 118
191 Atomic Access 131 / 100 / 123
192 Armada TST 133 / 103 / 124
187 Blizzard Bonafide 133 / 98 / 118
185 Nordica El Paco 124 / 87 / 114
191 Volkl Mantra 132 / 98 / 118
I want something fun to ski, nimble, but needs to carve at pace if im on the piste. I like the look of the El Paco but am worried it might be too soft for me being 95kg.....
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You may find that you can't get anything you want from US. Many online sellers are not allowed to ship some brands OS. ( free market WTF)
I got my Mantras from US when SierraSnowboard (now Trusnow) broke their agrrements and started shipping every brand OS just prior to going broke.

I purchased my Ninthwards and Elan Boomerangs from levelnine. Impulse purchases because they sell old stock ridiculously cheap. However, they won't ship some brands eg Rosignol to Oz/NZ.
Service and shipping is excellent.

We are the same size and I would be more than happy to have the Mantras @ 191 for a NZ allrounder. Excluding the park.

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Those brand restrictions are pretty annoying, given that NZ stockists invariably end up with a tiny selection (and half the range within various brands) of what's available in the northern hemisphere. Seems pointless.


But shop around -- there are a lot of online shops, including in the UK and Europe, that appear not to have the same restrictions. Or go indie, and buy from the manufacturer (eg Moment, Praxis, ON3P, DPS et al) or someone who stocks them. My son, who's a similar size to you, just got some Moment PB&Js in backcountry's end of season sale. They're similar dimensions to some of the skis you've listed above, and from what I've read, fall somewhere between the Mantra and, at the other end of the scale, the Access, in terms of stiffness. Check out the reviews in blistergearreview.com. Oh, and you might also want to consider something like the Line Prophet 98.


Alternatively, if you phone around, you might also get some good deals from local shops on last year's leftovers.  

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What about going local and custom with a pair of Kingswoods? Bit picey though
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Oops, can't believe I didn't mention Kingswood. Now there's a ski for NZ conditions! Pricey, though still in the ballpark of many other non-custom imported ski brands, highly regarded (see blistergearreview again) and you get them tailored exactly to your needs. Plus, you're supporting a budding (and earthquake-affected to boot) NZ industry. They have the Skinny in 180 with a 92cm waist, the Archetype in 182 with 104 waist, or the Rocketype in 187 with 112 waist.

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