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Some 2014 105's: quick comparison

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Just had a chance to take a run of the next years' Gotama, Ritual and Cochise (demo day at Squaw). I only took one run on each ski down the West Face- steep softened bumps, mushy runout followed by the air off the lip at the side of low road, one high speed turn, and then some fast flying through more mush at the bottom.  So, quick impressions:


Volkl Gotama (184-ish): Way better than the brown version of two years ago, still very turny and playful, good stability at speed on edge.  I still felt like I was wheely-ing out on the tails somewhat. I am not a fan of continuous rocker, so no surprise.  I also felt like there is a speed limit for the skis, again, no surprise as it does not have any metal.


Atomic Ritual 190.  This was a tank in comparison to Gotama, very stable, reasonably quick, but I did have to pivot a few times on the West Face bumps.  Felt a bit sluggish, probably due to the longer length.  Should be a good ski when you can open it up. 


Blizzi Cochise (185).  That was subjectively the best feeling ski of all the three, almost as nimble as the Gotama and almost as stable at the Ritual.  It has metal, so it skied differently, the tails don't disappear under you, but way, way quicker than the 28m turn radius would indicate.   That was the ski that I felt I could push the most.  Not super-quick in bumps, but quick enough, I was flying down the West Face, just as fast as on the Gotamas.  


My current test favorites in the this width are the Vagabond and the Stockli SR107.  Stockly is a more technical ski, but subjectively a bit better performer in mixed snow.  Vagabond is a lot friendlier and also performs very well.  Both the Vag and SR107 have camber.  SR107 should be better on the hardback, Vagabond probably a tad so.   Still, Cochise remains close to the top of the 105's.  

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Look for me tomorrow, I will be out in the AM. 

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Text me if you don't see me. A.
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lots of good stuff coming out!  one ski that has been in the 1-0-something category for a couple years is the k2 Kung Fujas, it was always a favorite but seems to be lost in the "new kid on the block" syndrome. I might demo that this week for kicks at 133-102-127 with tip/tail and moderate flex its a ski that should be in the mix as a more versatile width. I can see the 106/7 width for those without a pow ski seeking a ski that can work for deep powder and leftovers but for me, a 110ish ski does what these do as well. More time needed....

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Originally Posted by alexzn View Post

Both the Vag and SR107 have camber.


Please stop calling it the Vag. Please.

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Mr. Vag? th_dunno-1[1].gif

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