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Are My Skis Heavy?

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Just curious.  The weigh almost exactly 7 lbs each with bindings.  They are Blizzard 2010 Magnum 8.1 TIs in 172.  My friend has a pair of K2 Rictors and they seem a lot lighter.  Seems like lighter skis would be better for bumps and trees....?


My skiing is progressing slowly and I am moving from wide long groomers to trying some bumps and trees.  The Magnums are great for the groomers but should I be thinking about another set of skis for the bumps/trees?  Maybe the Bushwackers?



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Although I've never put them on a scale, but my old Mags (8.7 and 8.1) are the heaviest skis I've ever put on my shoulder ..... maybe due in part to the extra material for the IQ rail system?  If you've got the later generation early rise Mags I would guess they'd be "OK" in the trees and bumps, but I'm pretty sure there are better skis for those applications.  I avoid trees (tried to dance with one - ended poorly) and bumps, so can't be more specific. 

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Skis in photo are Volant Chubbs from about 2003-2005??  I got them used as a gift from a member here three years ago.  Have used them on three western ski trips and periodically in the East for the last three years.  Volants have a lot of stainless steel in them.  The two skis are 175cm long, 94mm wide underfoot and with bindings weigh just a few ounces under 20 lbs.  They are great on all soft snow and packed powder.  They are not bad in soft bumps either.  I haven't kept the edges very sharp and don't normally ski them on Eastern hardpack.  They are no doubt very heavy and I feel it most riding western chairlifts without footrests.tongue.gif  K2 Aftershocks in foreground felt like a feather in comparison.

Catherines@Alta, 2011:

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