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Mammoth Mountain, CA 4/2-4/4

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Thanks to great advice from Contesstant, we had a good game plan when we arrived. We didn't get to ski the fresh stuff on Monday from Sat and Sunday's storm, but Tues was pretty darn good with zero wind and nice snow conditions over the whole mountain. Wed 4/3 got a bit warm but the wind kept us cool. The lower stuff got pretty slushy both days but we stayed mid-mountain and higher for great fun. Thurs morning brought a warm rain--ugh. We procrastinated and didn't get to Canyon Lodge until 10:45 and it ended up paying off. We got front row parking as the early folks split due to the rainy conditions. However, the rain soon turned into snow and with the wind blowing the "old" snow down from the top onto the lower mountain, we had nice conditions. Vis was a bit challenging in spots but the mid to lower runs were no problem. We had a great time as we wore the right gear. The afternoon cleared and the wind backed off a bit. Sadly, this was our last skiing of the 2012-2013 season :-( Can't wait until next December!

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Oh, I'm glad it worked out for you! And you got some wind buff! Any pics to share? Sorry I missed this thread earlier.

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