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Help!!! My head looks huge with the ski helmet on...

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and it really sucks cuz I want to ski and race in style. What do I do? Any recommendations for small compact good quality helmets that make the head looks smaller? I'm using the black POC Skull X in XL...

This obviously is a joke... Or maybe not. Either way, your inputs/ideas would be appreciated.

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I vote joke.
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Don't worry about that--your ski pants make your butt look huge.

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Haha that's true
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Buy a puffy jacket.

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Look at the size of that boy's head. It's like an orange on a toothpick.

No kidding. His head's like Sputnik. Spherical, but quite pointy in parts.

Oooh, that was offsides, wasn't it? Tonight he'll cry himself to sleep... on his huge pillow!



Do what is done on the WC. Get a small helmet and carve out the foam until it fits.

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Originally Posted by mdf View Post

Buy a puffy jacket.

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Is it the head/ too big/, or the helmet?
That is the question... smile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gif
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Try a different make.

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nuthin' beats a good wool toque beercheer.gif

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Get a smaller head.  Pointy headed people are more focused, anyway.  (I wouldn't know anything about that, though.)

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I notice from your avatar that you are a dog.  Are you using a canine-specific helmet? Human helmets are too large for dogs, unless the dog is a St Bernard or Great Pyrenees, which clearly you aren't. (BTW that's not me in my avatar, only wish it was.)

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Get the black one; it looks smaller.

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^^^Missed it by 10 minutes.....hissyfit.gif

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Haha. The spaceballs. I remember that movie.
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Carrera Enigma: http://store.christysports.com/catalog/accessories/headwear/ski_helmets/carrera-enigma


Mine is forest green and black.  The two tone ones in the link aren't my cup of tea but the black would be ok.


Super low-profile.  It has a typical switch that opens/closes a bunch of vents.  The thing you see sticking up that's sort of a mohawk is an additional huge vent if needed.  It closes completely flat when you don't want it.


Your buddies will be jealous of your mohawk vent and they'll hide it behind a stream of insults.  Be the bigger man.  Be the mohawk.  

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Thanks but no thanks. Mohawk will make my head look even bigger.
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