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You should have helped her shovel and saved the guilt you feel for trashing HER town with your presence.  Progress brings change, change is often driven by commercial interests. Welcome to the world we all are part of.   Blame consumers of recreational opportunities ?  Blame those who allow such developments because they get what they asked for and also have costs to bear  for the chance to fleece the passers-by .

No one is blaming consumers of recreational opportunities...we are blaming those who have no respect for anyone or anything.  Sorry, but buying a lift ticket doesnt give you the right to be a dick.



Many communities and some entire countries  value community over economy...New Zealand is the best example of that.  The place is paradise.  America on the other hand, tends to opt for economy over community....hows that working out for you? 

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Sorry, but buying a lift ticket doesnt give you the right to be a dick.


Neither does selling it.

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Originally Posted by Skierish View Post


Neither does selling it.


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I'm sorry, this deserved it's own thread.  It was posted in reply to an old thread here.

This was just too good to merely delete.  Great start for our newest member. roflmao.gif

I was wondering what the reference to this being an old thread was about, since the first post was only twenty hours old..

This kind of reminds me of the fight I had when I first joined with a member named Gonzostrike.. I'd just moved to Montana..
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Thanks Skidude for giving some background and helping us to understand where his anger comes from.  It's easy for us, the privileged few, to laugh at those who have been hurt by our dependence on multi-million dollar ski areas for our fun.

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As I recall Skidude72 actually lived in Revy at one time, so I think he knows of what he speaks.  Many ski towns have developed in spite of the objections of a corp of locals that object on the basis of environmental, community and protection of backcountry solitude.  I respect where the OP is coming from, and I'm sure it was sincere, but the post seemed like he wasn't going stick around for any discussion.  That is what struck me as amusing.  Had the post suggested an interest in talking about the problems that come with having a resort stuffed into your town, we would have dealt with it completely differently.


In CA the locals around Dyer Mtn near Lake Almanore have successfully fended off a major resort proposed there. I know if it were ever to happen, they would be similarly resentful.

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Originally Posted by sibhusky View Post

I was wondering what the reference to this being an old thread was about, since the first post was only twenty hours old..


See post #8

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Originally Posted by bumpfreaq View Post

Originally Posted by sibhusky View Post

I was wondering what the reference to this being an old thread was about, since the first post was only twenty hours old..

See post #8

?? I quoted post number 8. It's right above the sentence of mine you quoted.. Browser problem?
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Originally Posted by Skidude72 View Post

This may surprise lots of you.  But i understand where he is coming from. 


There is a long history in Revy, and skiing, is a huge part of its culture...always has been.  But, the big glitzy resort that some people are trying to make it, has changed alot of what was great about the place in a very short time. 


Proposals for a big ski resort have been around for at least 30 years now...and the local council always shot them down.  This latest effort, obvioulsy did get up, but much of the issues and problems that the locals feared have come true.  Namely housing becoming unaffordable for locals (it was expensive before), a dark town (meaning lots of the houses are now holiday homes, and are "dark" most of the year, killing the sense of community Revy once enjoyed), entry level jobs are now much harder for local kids to get, and I suppose most importantly, that small town, everyone knows everyone feel that so many enjoyed is now kind of lost as many of its residents are transient, and many of its day to day population are vistors. 


Revy was always a town that the residents worked hard at ensuring "Revelstoke is a town that has more", it shouldnt surprise anyone that lots of people there are feeling stepped on, and are thus pushing back.  I think its fair to say, that for many of Revy's long time residents, the resort has only been a negative.


It is however complicated, as Revy has for a long time made significant efforts to attract the tourist dollar, and no doubt many of its business rely on that....but it used to be on its own terms, that "feel" of Revelstoke was not compromised by its past efforts to attract tourists, the scale of this makes it very different.



If you think having a mega resort pop up in your idellic mountain town is a dream come true...think careful what you wish for.

This post is articulate and passionate.  If the OP were to start a thread with a similar tone he may get some good feedback and possibly some support. 


Thanks for sharing. 

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"Anti development" is not just confined to Revelstoke. Some resentment over success is almost a Canadian trait. Golden experienced the same initial euphoria over rising real estate prices after Kicking Horse was first announced. The backlash started with the realization that the same rising prices made the town unaffordable for locals. Sun Peaks Silver Star and Big White all have had similar sentiments expressed as development changed the local hills and towns. Major fights are still going on in the Kootaneys over plans there. There is a lot of anti-Whistler sentiment. No end of negative comments over the cost of the improving the highway for "the rich" to get there or scale of development. Others long for the "good old days" of slow chairs and rustic amenities. Some of the negativity is justified (it's always disappointing to see a new seasonal act the same as last years top moron and none of us want to see any environmental damage) but usually the most negativity by those who have just moved into an area and now want it to remain just the same as it was when they eventually chose to show up. My neighbourhood is no different. But short of a new Spanish Influenza development is going to keep accelerating.

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It's tricky to find a balance. Canada is full of resource-based towns that didn't sell out to tourism when the resources ran low or their markets faded. They're called ghost towns.

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Yep it's the price many a ski town has paid for prosperity, not just Revelstoke.

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Three year old thread.
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Originally Posted by sibhusky View Post

Three year old thread.

True, but the real meaning of Posser was never achieved (the iPad suggests Poser and Poseur, the latter I suppose being called a Poser by the French). I thought the idea of a posing tosser was best, but it didn't seem like the OP had quite the mental floss for that one.
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Member of a posse?
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Too many possebilities to posstulate any one answer. Someone who's playing possem, maybe? Ah, summer. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by qcanoe View Post

Too many possebilities to posstulate

Just keep your possing away from Revy!?!
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Maybe its a Hoser that figuratively urinates all over the locals concerns, thus making him a Posser.

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1) Scottish slang for a Barbie ayrshire girl,chav'et thats always looking in the mirror and taking photos of herself and touching up her makeup.
2) An old implement which was used for hand-washing clothes. It consisted of a copper dome full of holes attached to a long wooden handle.
A dolly could also be used for the same purpose, but this implement had several legs radiating from a wooden disc (looking rather like a small stool), and the long handle had a handle-bar arrangement at the top for maximum leverage.
A person exhibiting foolish or flighty behavior might be likened to a posser-head.
Before twin-tubs you had to use a posser and a mangle.
3) The act of throwing a huge party where the entire population of the city and surrounding area (200,000) are invited. Possers usually get broken up within 2 hours or less, and mass amounts of blood is shed. SWAT will be informed of a posser, and head to the posser house immediately. The owner of the posser house will usually go to jail.

Guy, were you at posser 06'?
Hey, I know you, I was at your posser last year!

No parents?!? Guy have a posser

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Originally Posted by sibhusky View Post

Three year old thread.


errr....three MONTH old thread. But, I get the idea...

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I must need new glasses. Or coffee. :-$
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I think he meant

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Originally Posted by noncrazycanuck View Post

Others long for the "good old days" of slow chairs and rustic amenities. .


Then come to Whitewater. Although Nelson, for reasons I don't entirely understand, has very high real estate prices, rather like Revy, despite not being a well-known tourist destination. I mean, this community knows about Kootenay skiing, but your average North American Joe Skier has never heard of the place and is not interested after discovering it only has three fixed-grip lifts. And still the real estate is unaffordable. I dunno.


As for Jumbo, I can't understand why actual investors who care about getting their money back would ever invest in the place. It doesn't seem possible for them to attract enough traffic to pay the bills. There are many other choices around here that all have to subsist on many fewer skier visits than any of the US destination areas. It makes no economic sense at all. I strongly suspect a scam to extract money from the province, declare bankruptcy, and walk away with pockets full of tax money.


Obviously, there are many things I don't understand.

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