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2003/2004 Rossignol reviews

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RPM 100 length 174 109-68-92 turn radius 19

I loved this ski. Quick, precise, damp, skied like a dream at all speeds and all types of turns were smooth and quiet.

9X Oversize length 181 109-68-92 turn radius 21

One of the fastest skis i've ever been on. Wants to crank out the big archs at high speed. No chatter at all. I could throw some short turns but had to work at it. It just wanted to run. Held an edge better than any ski I have been on. If you want FIS aproved, you have to by the 9X World Cup. Couldn't wait around to try one.

B1 Bandit length 176 109-70-99 turn radius 18.7

Fun ski. Good all resort ski. Carved nicely both long and short turns. Held an edge throughout. Skied icey bumps fairly well. (I wasn't having a good day in the bumps) I don't blame the ski for it. Cruised the groomed hardpack a little better than my B2 but don't think it's as versatile.

B2 You can go to the B2 review previously reported.

Axium Super TD Length 170 107-67-95

Next years version of the T Power Viper. Targeted to the Intermediate and upper Intermediate skiers. Was a fun ski and carved nicely. Held good on the ice with no chatter but felt wimpy when i really drove it hard. Was ok in the bumps, I actually had better runs on it than the B1, just me though. Would be a great ski for a skier to advance on. Like all Rossis I tested it was nice and quiet and didn't chatter at speed. Fun

They didn't have a B3 here to try but with the conditions I wouldn't have done it any justice. Today was hard groomed with ice underneath and 2" of fluff on top.
For those of you who don't know me, I'm 5'9" 185lb. strong skier been skiing 49 years, can ski anything.

One more note, the Scratch F.S. is back with a few changes. Different colors and a less expensive version called the Scratch. Three new Saphire versions of ladies skis called the Pulsion 1, Pulsion 2, and the Snow 1
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Lars, a few questions for you.

Of the Saphirs, my wife demo'd and liked the classic alot. She however hated the color of the ski and I have to agree it was butt-ugly. How do the new propulsions look and which would be closest to the classic in performance?

Any word on the Rebel X? Other than twin tip design, how similar in feel/performance is it to the Cobra X?
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T.M. The Saphir Pulsion 1 is Orange in color, the pulsion2 is white and the Snow1 is Blue/white with a flower design on the tip. Hot looking for the girls. I would say the snow would be closest to the Saphir of this years, little wider though.

The Cobra X is gone, now the Viper SX and I think the Rebel is gone or continued from last year in the same graphics.

The ladies skis looked hot and more performance oriented.
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The Cobra X TD is gone??? Damn, that was my favorite ski of everything this year and what I was planning on buying :
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T.M. I'm sure you can still find one of this years and probably at a good price. Where are you in Western Pa.?
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I live near 7 Springs. Hopefully I can pick up a pair of Cobra X twin decks during the pre/post-season sales. I'm looking around online too. I haven't tried the regular Cobra X, but will do that in Steamboat in 2 weeks to compare against the Cobra X TD. I need to try to find a Viper to demo also to compare to the Cobra.
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Thanks for the reviews. What are their SL skis like next yr?
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