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Mt Rose Mon 4/8, maybe 4/9

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Heading to Mt Rose for a short first trip with the wife & kids to ski Mon 4/8. Will put the kids in all day lessons, and try to get the wife into the morning lesson. I'm going to try to work on drills for an hour or two to warm up, to get out of the backseat before heading to some blues. Will probably be able to spot the wide greens, and am pretty confident on blues. (Will be working reducing the quad burn :-) Any suggestions on harder blues, short/easy blacks for when/if I feel ready?

What's my background and skill? First took a lesson 20+ years ago on a small bump and was able to stay up most of the day. Tried a few times since with the occasional lesson but nothing stuck emotionally. Past couple of years, have focused on getting the kids into it. This year, took another lesson and something clicked, and now addicted. So far about 4 days in and have gone from falling most runs on blues, to rarely; and turns out I'm OK with sierra cement. My falls are pretty unspectacular and controlled. Am in good shape and can go almost all day. Like everyone else, just trying to raise the volume on this next effort.

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Welcome to EpicSki!


I skied Mt Rose a lot last year but haven't made it there yet this year.  If I weren't working on Monday I'd meet up with you.


Have fun and let us know how it goes. 


Oh, and i hear that Mt Rose is holding up well on the snow levels. 

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This has been a day of firsts. The light snow fall predicted for Sunday night, turned into a Spring powder (6-8") day, including mandatory chains, white out conditions, and 30-45 mph winds at the top. I've never ski'd these conditions before and had to resort to the lodge sporting goods store for a face mask and goggles. It felt weird to be pelted by ice/snow every time I tried to get up after a fall. [Even got warned by the patrol to the dangers of frost bite.]

That being said, was able to negotiate blues w/o some success by end of the morning. I'm going to need some instruction on how to manage ice-powder-ice transitions, how to recognize powder drifts (face planted and otherwise in a couple wink.gif, and just how to handle tracked powder. Yet more to learn, but that's why I hanging out here.

The kids had their first success at exiting a chair lift and long the easy greens were a confidence booster. Everyone had smiles on by the end of the day.

It was a good day, even with me wishing for the skills to enjoy it more.
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Today looks pretty good.


I am working (And Sick) or I would track you down and say hello

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It turned out that the kids wanted to sled today instead of ski. We went by Alpine Meadows and got blown off by the wind. All the lower level sled places were sans snow.

It would have been a beautiful Spring ski day today. Much less scouring by the wind (in my wishful thinking). Catch ya next time.
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