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Bindings for R:ex

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Hello, I am new to the forum, I just bought a pair of Atomic R:EX's in the 184 length and as you know it's midwidth is much wider than most skis, I was curious what bindings you all use, please respond back as soon as you can, I would love to get on the slopes with these...
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Welcome to EpicSki!

I have the Look Pivots on mine, which are my favorite bindings because they are relatively light, and both the toe and heel have an unusually large range of release motions -- and most importantly the gradual release mechanism allows your boot to pop back in after starting to release... which prevents pre-releases.

The standard width brakes work on my Atomics with some slight bending (the shop should be able to do that for you, this is a common thing these days). The bend is too slight to be noticeable after it's done. The "fat ski" brakes would be too much, this ski is not that wide.
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I also use the Look Pivot binding on my Atomic R:ex. For all the same reasons that AC said, plus It is easier to put back on if you loss a ski in deep snow. You have to spend a lot of time cleaning snow out of the Atomic binding in oder to get good boot to binding contact.
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I use Salomon s914 on mine for no particular reason other than that I bought skis and bindings together. No problems with pre-releases. For next pair I would probably try Look.
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I use the Atomic 4-12 binders and they are OK. They are heavy, pron to pre-release, and hard to put on with any snow on you boot. However the Vaizone feature does make a difference. If you crank up the forward pressure the pre-release problem gets better.

If I could do this over again I would get the Looks.
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I have the same ski, I mounted the atomic r614, the r614 is made for that ski.

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