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Volkl V-Pro Review

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Ski Make: Volkl
Ski Model: V-Pro
Ski Length: 170
Snow Conditions Used In: hardpack, cut up powder
Number of Days Used: 1
Your Ability: fairly good
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 30
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 30-35
Other Skis You Like: Atomic 10.22, Fischer slalom, 1080
Your Height/Weight: 5'8"/170 lbs
Comments: I'll start by saying that I know these are a park ski, but I got them for all mountain. I picked them up without demoing based on the recommendations of several different shops' managers who ski on them. I had tried the 1080 and liked the all-around performance, but I wanted something that had a little more muscle to it. The V-Pros skied everything well that I threw at them (Copper Mtn today), from steep chutes with chunky powder to bumps to sunbaked leftovers to groomers. They feel like a Volkl - they responded best when initiated with forward pressure and energy put into the turn. When carving the turn shape felt close to my 10.22s. In the bumps staying forward is a must, the backs are pretty big, but they weren't too stiff or wide. One of the more fun aspects was the ability to blow through crud and hop over obstacles with stability - kinda like an old GS ski. Compared to the 1080, the Volkls are a much beefier ski, where the 1080s seem happy to turn just by standing in the middle of them, but then didn't really deal with bigger turns well. I didn't have enough powder to evaluate float, but hopefully with 83mm underfoot they should be ok. Anyways, for an all mountain ski (even though they're twins) the V-Pro seems to fit the bill.
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hey john, how was the edge-hold on hardpack? and have you skied the volkl g4? i'm on the g4's in a 188 and was wondering how the v-pros compared to them.
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Edgehold on hardpack was good to very good. At low to moderate speeds the hold was excellent. At higher speeds I had to be a little more aware of how much angle and pressure I was applying or they seemed to push just a little. I haven't skied the G4s - the last Volkl I had was the P40 F1 - so I can't compare the G4's hold. Part of what I was feeling may be attributed to the 0/0 angles on the edges as my other skis have 1 base/3 side angles on them (Fischer race stock slaloms 168cm which I consider as having excellent edgehold).
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The simple fact that a ski has a twin-tip does not make it a park ski. Many fat skis have twin-tips, and no one would pretend that they are a park ski. The Volkl V-Legend and V-Expression are this years park skis - the V-Pro is their "all-mountain" ski, and the V-Explosive is their powder ski.
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Any thoughts about the binding mount location for this ski? It is meant to be used all-mountain as has been pointed out. I would assume that Volkl has set the mounting point accordingly???
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