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From Shaped Skis to Straight??

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Hi. I'm currently skiing on shaped skis, k2 rictors to be specific. Anyways so I'm into bumps and my friend told me just for shits and gigs that I could take his old straight skis if I wanted to. I thought this was really interesting because I always wanted to try moguls on straight skis. He seems very fond of them in bumps. I decided to do some work and take them out towards the end of the season (Mid April) for some sweet spring skiing. I have been skiing for 13 years. Never on straights. I was wondering if the transition would be difficult or if it's really worth it. I would still use the rictors most of the time but for the last third of the season I might be on straight skis except for on a powder day. To me personally from videos, it seems straight skis do offer better control in moguls. Anyways so what are your thoughts?

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Whether a straight ski is good in the bumps depends on length, flex.  Since your friend likes them no harm in giving them a try, as long as your boot sole length is fairly close to his--if you don't know how to adjust bindings for toe height (some bindings) and forward pressure as well as DIN have a shop adjust them.  The only problem would be if it's an old binding it won't be on the list of bindings the manufacturer indemnifies--which means if someone gets hurt using the binding and sues, the manufacturer will defend the lawsuit and pay the judgement--if the binding is not on the list--too old--no shop will work on it. You'll notice that the skis will be harder to turn and much harder to carve on the groomed, but may  be fine in the bumps. Just take it easy--the skis will take a little getting used to, and don't mess with the bindings if you're not positive you know what you're doing.

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thanks, and what if I put on new bindings?

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If he has demo/adjustable bindings or you have the same boot length then you won't have a technical problem - assuming you know how to adjust. Find out what bindings he has.


Not sure what you mean by put on new bindings.  If you put on new bindings, then you just paid about $200+ for your shits and giggles.  


You should be in just as much control if not more control in your rictors or a full rockered skis as in old skis.  What you are seeing in videos is  people who are just good at skiing.  


Practice your pivot/hop turns on a regular slope before hitting the bumps.

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Let's face it: skis have NOT been straight for hundreds of years! At least not for alpine and telemark. Maybe we all should study some history?




Have fun reading.



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cool info. And never mind just found out they had demo bindings. I'll get them  calibrated and torque tested and then hit the slopes :D

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Take a look at what the World Cup mogul skiers. The top skiers are using nearly straight skis. In the 80s and 90s, we were all skiing the bumps on Slalom skis. I never thought at the time it was harder to ski outside of the bumps since it was all we ever knew.

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