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Bilateral Quad tears

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Inrteresting reading about those who share the same thing.  I was going down a step on November 17th and my right knee gave out and I fell. The tendon tore completely off my knee cap.  I was standing with all my weight on my left leg with the ambulance attendents helping me onto the stretcher when the leg knee gave out also completely tearing off the knee cap.  The emergency room personnel examined me and wanted to send me home to see an ortho specialist on Monday.  I convinced them, there was something more serious and they called in an ortho to look at it.  They then admitted me (Saturday night) and operated on both legs Sunday morning.

(I am 75 and very active and have no known health problems.  My knees always felt tight and as a child could never squat as a catcher does.  Couldn't sit with legs bent for extended periods of time as the knees started to hurt. Went to a ortho dr about 40 years ago and he said the tendons were too short, a type of "birth defect".  Didn't offer or suggest any cure or corrective surgery. I asked the surgeon about what I was told 40 years ago and he said ne never heard of such a thing.)  Just a little background.


Had both legs in immobilizers for 12 weeks, no weight bearing for 9 weeks and walked with legs straight for 3 more weeks with a walker then to a cane.  It's now been almost 19 weeks since surgery, still going to therapy and both legs can be flexed to 140 degrees.  Knees are still swelling especially after exercise and therapy.  Dr says it will be a year until I'm back to normal and it's super critical that I work-out in a gym on a regular basis.

I can walk a half mile with no problem.  I am normally a fast walker, but so far I can't meet my previous pace. 

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You're not alone. On Aug 19th missed the last step to my basement, thinking I was at the bottom. Landed full force (230 lbs.) on the cement floor and tore both tendons off the kneecaps. They operated the next day, the surgeon said they were clean tears, whatever that means. After 6 weeks in casts they were removed this week, Oct 1st. I'm 60 and diabetic, the doctor said I have lost less  than an inch of tendon length but I won't miss it much, my athlete days are over. They had me bearing full weight immediately after discharge from the hospital because the interior machinery of the knee was unaffected. Now that the casts are off it's disturbing to look at the knees, I have lost a great deal of muscle mass. I had my first physio session yesterday and it made me nauseous, this is going to be a tough ordeal. I have swelling problems too and the knees are noticeably hot when touched. Fortunately I am retired with a nice pension but I'm going to miss the extra income from a part time job I had, also, I'm in Canada so I'll never know what it cost. My wife has improved my diet (grumble) and I'm down to 215 lbs. now.

Good luck to you



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Interesting as I did mine on the 21st August 2012,


Getting there slowly, generally happy with progress, don't kid yourself that it will not be a slow road.


After being dumped by the NHS (UK) as quick as they could get me off their books, I finally went private.

Having never been given a reason why mine went as I have none the known precursers.


I had MRI yesterday nice Mr (consultant in the UK) thinks I was born with a defect, which may show up when he has reveiwed the film.

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