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TR: Kootenay style.

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With Temps approaching 70, It was sure to be a nice Easter Weekend in the Kootenays.
Here comes my ride. Loading the boat with ski gear is a tourist attraction.
 "Are those water skis?" Where are you going with those?"



"Somewhere up there" usually is met with more questions and confusion.  These mountains are so insignificant, they don't even have names.


With snow down to 2500ft, it was a long walk up the road. The birth place of cat skiing in the background.


Followed this guys tracks for about an hour. 


Looking down on the Village of Kaslo, enjoying the spring weather on the beach.


Finally after 3hours of walking, I break into the Alpine:


Deeper into the Purcells, I feel like I've walking to another planet.



The border of the Purcell Wilderness Conservancy. The Conservancy is a non-mechanized area. This means that the use of vehicles, ATV’s, snowmobiles, bicycles and helicopters to access the Park are prohibited. Most of the skiing is virgin.





The Selkriks across the valley. 


Fishing Derby this weekend! I got skunked in my 60min effort, top 3 fish were all over 18lbs. 



Life at the North End.

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Beautiful, you are blessed.

Snowcat skiing actually started in Aspen in the 60's. Bill Janss, would take rich Texans up to Snowmass and try to sell them ski in/out lots at the future ski resort.. Most of them couldn't ski the powder, so they skied back down the cat tracks. That run is now called Dallas Freeway.

Bill may have started cat skiing, but the Canadian's perfected it.
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Stunning....I live in Colorado and my heart is in the Kootenays.  I love that place!!!

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Wow! Nice TR, way to get out there!


Do many others do boat assisted ski tours around the lake? Pretty cool.

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Beauty.  I had the chance to visit Kaslo a few years ago on a trip to Nelson and Ainsworth hot springs.  A very cool little town; I've never seen it from this vantage though!

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Originally Posted by spknmike View Post

Wow! Nice TR, way to get out there!


Do many others do boat assisted ski tours around the lake? Pretty cool.


I'm sure it's been done before, but probably not very often. Lots of other places with better access, so it would take a stronger desire. Stellar heli has tenure over the area and Powder creek lodge is just to the south. so there is lots of skiing going on. 




Thanks for the kind words everybody.

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Gorgeous!  Makes me wish I lived out there.  Great pics, thanks for sharing!

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Very nice TR and photos. I get to spend a bit of time in that general area and love the Koots! Nice to see it when you actually can see it; something of a rarity between snow storms when I'm there in the dead of winter. I was born about 100 miles too far south...

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Summers are sunny, winters are total darkness. July averages over 300hrs of sun, December, just 30. Socked in and snowing today.

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Is that Heaven?
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Cinco de mayo:


Rockslide in action.




Wouldn't be canada with out geese.




No idea what they mean.



Creek at low flow.





Waiting for dinner.



The dark spots are fish.



An Otter!



The toe of the icefield.



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