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Why are my shins raw?

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Back skiing this season after many years of snowboarding.  Bought some Technica Dragon(?) 100 Flex.  I am 6'2" and 215.  I am skiing much more aggressively than I had originally expected.  Boots have been punched and ground to almost perfection except my shins are being rubbed raw. 


I will get back to the boot fitters to ask about this but thought I could ask if there is a common reason for this?



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a 100 flex boot might be too soft for a big guy, and more so and we get warmer temps.


try the power strap around the liner only (between shell and liner)  see how that feels.


no thermals, or long underwear in the boot?

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Thank you.  That is what I was sort of thinking.  It was much worse last weekend when it was so warm.  The shop says there is a spot for another rivet which should get it to 110.    That would be worth a try I suppose.


I will try the power strap as you suggest.  I do make sure to keep thermals out of the boot.

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