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K2 Axis X pro

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Ski Make: K2 Axis X Pro / Marker 1400 Comp
Ski Length: 188cm
Snow Condition: Packed Powder/Powder/some ice
Number of days used: 4
Ability: 8
How many Years Skiing: 25 years
Average Days Skiing per Year: 12-15
Other Skis You Like: Volkl P50, K2-G4
Height/ Weight: 6'-1" #245pnds
The first thing noticed when picking these skis up, was the weight, Yes they are noticably heavier than skis I've owned in the past. My first day out with these gems was at Killington (Bear)on packed powder with an inch or two of fluffy powder. Within the course of the next 4 days there, we skied the whole mountain.
The first thing one will noticed is the remarkable smooth stabilty, these babies feel like riding in a Catalac. Carving arc was nothing to write home about, but I contribute that to the 188cm length. I'm sure they would carv tighter radius in shorter lengths. Pleanty of dampness, and in fact maybe too much,... it seems they are so damp, that it actually takes some effort to get these things to pop out of a turn. This is a 'give and take', because the stability is like no other ski I have ever been on. Going from packed powder to powder is virtually seemless! Very Impressive, and in my opinion, this is one thing that these skis absolutly excel in, they will bash through ANYTHING!....while remaining stable!
I am not the greatest bump skier, but the X pros felt a bit cumbersome in the bumps, while in the bumps, one must remain aware of their wide/stiff tails. But again, I contribute that to the length, If I were to buy these skis again, I'd get them in 181cm, or maybe even 177cm. But learning where to place the tips and tails, I was cutting wide zipper lines and getting more confident in the bumps. With some more time in the bumps, I think this will be a non-issue. On the last day we had 6-8" of fresh powder on the whole mountain, (coming down as we skied), the X Pros handle deep powder flawlessly, what a pleasure, they float well with great turning abilities in powder, very confident, and with an 'easy to find' sweet spot!
It was very hard to find any ice on the mountain, the conditions where just so awesome, but, what little ice I did hit the X pro's seem to hold as well as any.
In my opinion, I think the only thng that could make this ski better, is if it had more repound energy coming off a carv, but I fear that may compromise the great stabilty of this ski.
I would recommend these skis to any strong intermediate to expert. But they do ski long, so dont kid yourself, get the next cm smaller!

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still a great ski, don't know why k2 changed it but I have not skied the xp, [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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