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I ordered this a couple weeks ago from B&H and I was excited to test it out. I've been on the Go Pro/Contour fence for a while and I was never sold on the half assed nature of the tech within the units. Now that the GP 3 Black edition is getting all bugs worked out, I'll probably get one or the next model to follow it for next ski season. I wanted the miveu for shooting my kids as they learn. 


Background: I am a professional in the Film Video world and have been so for the last 20 years. I have about $40K wrapped up in camera gear, so when I purchase stuff, I do it carefully. Plus, my wife will kill me if I spend any more $ this year!


One reason that drew me to the Miveu was the fact that I didn't need another camera to lug around. I usually have my hacked Lumix GH2 (smaller HDSLR cam) on me with an extra lens. Anwho, I got the Miveu and the the process of getting started looked WAY frigging easy and self explanatory. Slap your Iphone 4 or 4s into the case and snap it into the chest mount (there is an iphone 5 version). Tighten straps and you're on your way. Yep, it was easy. So easy that I did it trailside in less than 5-6 minutes.

The case feels very solid and the phone didn't wiggle once it was in it. 

I was also pleased with the build quality of the wide angle lens adapter. It was better quality than I was expecting at the $79 price point. The clarity is pretty good. 

I snapped it into the chest harness and the fit was again, very solid. It felt like it would take a wide world of sports thrashing to knock it loose. A tether is also included should the harness release the phone, which is a good thing. The biggest issue with this is the camera that is shooting. Iphone 4 & 4S aren't really made for action shooting. They have little to no stabilization. I used my 4, which is not as good as the 4s, but that is deferred to when I bought my last and I'm finally due for an upgrade. 

You can hear the video start when you hit the button , but it's very hard to hear if there are wind gusts or if you're moving and have a helmet on. It's also a little difficult to locate button.

Below is my test that I shot on my last ski day of the year (sniff). Unfortunately, it was gloomy conditions which do not help fixed lens pov cams. The footage is ungraded, as I wanted the quality (or lack thereof) to be apparent. Quick little sloppy edit to some good music...

Please excuse my painfully average skiing ability! :)




Bottom line: I would recommend this to anyone that wants to occasionally grab some footage, but doesn't want the hassle of much more gear. The harness stowed easily in my Heli 20 pack and was easy to adjust. I suppose you could flip it to your back and shoot people behind you, which would be a nice change to the pov shot. I'll probably use it on days when it's just the kids and I ...