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Why is skiing in Chile so expensive?

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I am dismayed by the end of ski season and the 9+ months I am likely to wait before skiing again. I am looking into trying to get to Chile in August 2014 for my 50th birthday, but it is very expensive: $2500 or more for 7 nights at Valle Nevado or Portillo. Last month, I only paid ~100 Euros/night in Chamonix. Why is it that Chile has such high prices for lodging at these ski areas?

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taxes! South America market is all about taxes, that's why everything is so expensive! Probably the only thing cheaper there is beef ;-) everything else is kinda twice the price!

I know that because I lived in Brazil for almost 30 years before moving to the US, and it's the same there! you pay so mich taxes on everything from gas, to your car, to a wine or beer, etc
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Don't forget that $2500 at Portillo includes lift passes and all meals for the week.  If you pick the right week, it can also include transfers to and from the airport in Santiago.  I know, still not cheap; but not a bad value when you compare apples to apples.

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you need to shop the rates! They can vary widely depending on the tour. Also, watch the weather, the last 2 seasons have sucked! Not worth going down. If you want cheaper, look at Valle Nevado, I think you can go a week in the later part of August for under 2K. I would keep shopping the rate and contact different outfitters. Going directly through the resort doesn't necessarily mean you will get the lowest rates. BBinder is correct, factor in meals and lift tickets, its not that expensive for skiing in August......

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Every time I'm tempted by skiing in SA, I was totatly deterred by the price tag!


Here in our mid-winter, we can do a really nice trip for a little over 1k everything included, and under 2k in the Alps. That was including flights. 


Going down to South America, the flight alone is pretty expensive. Add in the high price of everything else, it's starts to feel like feeding a drug habit! 


Looking at some of the amazing photo of peaks, it looks like it's worth a trip of a lifetime just for the experience of it. But it's not going to be just a ski trip, nor something to be rely on as a regular summer fix. Until I won the lottory that is. 

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cost of carrying skis and boots through the airport in August?  Its worth every penny........icon14.gif  Valle Nevado, 2009





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This was based on my 2007 trip, skiing Sept. 6-9 and 11-13.  

Also, watch the weather, the last 2 seasons have sucked!

Yes, snowfall is extremely volatile, huge dumps preceded or followed by weeks of nothing.  August is the right time to go, but I would hold off booking until you see adequate snow on the ground in June.


Chillan farther south gets more consistent snow but is also lower and can get rain.  Facilities are less modern than Portillo/Valle Nevado but reviews of the skiing (I have not been there) are quite good.

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What about Ushuaia in September? my family from BA are going there this coming year and say that it's late for the other resorts but that it stays cold down there later.

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Portillo used to be reasonable.Now is expensive.When you think about price-benefit,skiing in southamerica is ridiculously pricey.
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What about Ushuaia in September?

Cerro Castor is a rather small resort to travel that far.  Tierra del Fuego is probably more attractive to backcountry skiers.

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I think the issue is that the us dollar to Chilean currency is not in our favor. I think your money might go further in Argentina.

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