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Patagonia slim powder bowl pants sizing

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can anyone help me on the sizing? according to their sizing table i'm a S. but i have a feeling that i would need an XS (not to mention a lot places still stock this size). i recently have been burnt by nike by purchasing a pair of budmo's according to their sizing table. they ended up being a little too big for my liking.


i like to wear mine without adjustments (cinching) at the waist. any help would be much appreciated.

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I tend to think Patagonia runs big. I wear a large in most things, but their Powderbowl pants are HUGE on me . . . but their mediums are a tad too tight. Take that as you will.

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i've read about the regular powder bowl and that they do indeed run a little large. but there is absolutely nothing about the slim version. for all i know, they could be the same as the powder bowl but just cut one size smaller? in this case, going true to size would be the best for me *shrugs. but thanks for the quick reply dsloan.


keep the input coming people!

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just an update. received mine in the mail today. size xs (i sized down). i have a 29" waist and the fit is perfect without any cinching. here are some actual garment measurements for future reference.


waist - 74cm (29")
inseam - 84cm (33")
hem - 27cm (10.5")


inseam is only a rough estimate as the pants are cut anatomically.

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Good to hear. As someone who has had difficulty with Patagonia sizing, maybe I will try the slim fit Powderbowls . . . Post a review. biggrin.gif

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