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Several 04' Rossi's

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Today was Rossi day at June Mt. CA, and I skied quite a bit of the fleet. Overall, I thought the line was much improved, and super fun.

The first ski I took out was the RPM 100 (109-68-92)in a 167. It was super stable, even at some pretty high speeds. It may be a bit too damp to appreciate at lower speeds, although I really liked the smoothness.

The 167 9X Oversize was next, and as the rep promised it was almost exactly the same ski with different graphics.

Next up, I hopped on the 170 B1 (109-70-99). It is a vast improvement on the old X, a ski that was like so many others, but not as exciting. The new shape really shines, and it makes some of the roundest turns I have ever skied. It's grip on the firmest snow was not as good as the RPM 100, or 9x, but it was still quite good.

The 170 B2 (113-76-103) was also super fun, although there was no soft snow in sight. If you took a deliberate wide stance, and got some strong angles going, it carved quite well. A narrower stance was quick, and pivoty. It's performance on the fast firm snow was solid, but not up to the Axis XP.

The 178 B3 (122-94-112) was probably not worth skiing, given the conditions, but I did a run on it anyway. It was super stable straightlining in a tuck at very high speeds.

My favorite ski of the day was the 167 Viper SX Twin Deck (105-65-92). The old 160 Viper S Twin Deck was my favoite last year, especially for SL carves, and bumpin. The SX in a 167 was the most precise feeling ski of the day. It's narrow waist was great on the hard snow. I really had a blast rolling it over, and arcing it at speed.

I even took out the Ladies Saphir Snow 1. OK, it's not in the same league as the rest of the skis here, but the 167 (should have tried a 160, but it was out) was quite snappy in short turns, and just fine in nice round bumps. It also was fun weedwacking 360's.

I finished off the day scaring the crap out of myself with a few tuck runs on a vert sidewall 181 9X World Cup, that was said to be from the race room.

In case anybody cares, the conditions were firm, with great groomed runs, and some shiney areas. There were also some very nice well formed bumps that were super easy to slither through. I weigh about 175 lbs, and am 5'7". I skied all skis with the same boots, Tecnica Icon XT 17. Next week, after Mammoth trade fair I will try to post reviews for many other skis.
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Thanks spinner's. Hope u try the nu Salomans and Atomics and what's K2 got for next year? Sure is some awesome stuff out these days
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Skied the RPM 100 also, I liked it alot. This ski is made for speed. Ski it any other way and it's just ordinary, but push the envelope and it performs.

The Rossi Van will be at the Valley Monday for shop employees and lucky dogs like me. I plan to ski on the new shorty slaloms and test the B3 on our packed powder corduory.

I will have reports and details. Any requests on a ski you want me to try please let me know before Monday morning.
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