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Nordica Dobermann GS R EDT EVO - Or how I got my groove back

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Product:  Nordica Dobermann GS R EDT EVO


Length Tested: 182 cm

Dimensions/Turn Radius: 115-71-100, R=19.5

Camber: Traditional.  Nordica Rapid Race Profile

Binding: Integrated Marker Binding

Mount point: Suggested (boot center)


Other Skis in Class:


*Masters/Cheater GS Skis (Rossi 9GS, Head iSpeed, Dynastar Course Ti, Volkl GS Speedwall, etc etc)


Environment & Conditions:


Location of Test:  4 Days of on-snow at various locations in Southern Ontario

Number of Runs:  Many

Snow Conditions: Variable.  Man-made, fresh-powder over ice.

Demo or Own:  Own


Tester Info:


Username: SkiNut

Age: 48

Height/Weight: 6’0”, 190lbs

Ski Days/Season: 40 - 50

Years Skiing: 15+

Aggressiveness:   Aggressive(Driver)

Current Quiver: Dynastar Omeglass Ti, Contact 4X4, Sultan 85

Home Area: Southern Ontario

Preferred Terrain:  groomers



I purchased these skis (without having the opportunity to demo them) after first seeing them at the end of the 2011-12 ski season at my local ski shop.  After reading some early reviews on these skis (including comments posted here), I was a little bit intimidated the first time out on them and wasn't sure what to make about these skis and I wasn't keen about being back on a Marker binding.   


I was very impressed with the factory tune.  The edges were very sharp and the bases were flat.  Nordica's finish is second to none.


At 19.5m, the radius was larger than what I was used to skiing on (especially compared to my Omeglass skis) and these skis very very quickly gathered speed. 


Nordica's graphics aren't for everyone, and the top sheet of next years skis will be similiar to this years ski. 


After the first couple of days on these skis, I wasn't sure if I had made a mistake or not in buying these skis.  In hindsite the problem was me, not the skis.  My mistake was trying to ski conservatively on these skis (skidding rather than carving my turns).  Once I started to let these skis run and carve my turns, I was skiing better (and faster) than I had skied all season.  In fact, my ski buddies couldn't believe the transformation that occured in my skiing.  I was no longer tail end charlie but was now the first to the bottom and I was skiing the way I used to ski. 


Dobermann's have a reputation for being stiff and demanding.  This is not the same Dobermann as the older models.


After 4 days on these skis over the last 2 months, these skis are amazing.  They are very very easy to initiate, and stable at speed and have fantastic edge grip.   You must stay forward on these skis and they are very quick from edge to edge.  They are damp but not dead and give good feedback as the terrain changes.   My third day on these skis had 6" of fresh powder over groomed runs (with icy patches) that quickly turned into crud.  These skis could handle these variable conditions and left a grin on my face from ear to ear. 


I did get a chance to ski these skis in 176 length.  The shorter length felt lighter and quicker underfoot (the radius is 18.5m).  


I haven't had a chance to run gates with these skis yet and I'll update this review once I've had a few runs in the race course. 


For on-piste speed freaks and beer league racers, the Dobermann GS R EVO EDT is worth checking out.   

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I demoed this ski last year and really liked them.  I'm thinking of picking up a pair, but am also turned off by the Marker binding (I swore them off long ago).  Have you had any issues with the bindings?

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I've been racing on them for a couple of seasons and haven't had any unplanned ejections.

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