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Intermediate ski for my wife

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My wife wants to get back into skiing again now that our kids are starting to ski.  I just got her fitted into some new boots and footbeds, and now I want to get her a new set of skis.  She grew up skiing in Tahoe, but really hasn’t skied but five times or so since then.  I’ve skied with her a couple times, and I think with 5-7 days under her belt she’ll be a good skier again.  She can pretty much get down anything, and isn’t really scared to do so.  I would definitely classify her as an intermediate skier right now though.  I’m not sure she has the desire to be all that extreme, so I guess I’m looking for a good Colorado all-mountain ski for 70/30 (on/off-piste) that isn’t too demanding.  She’s 5’5” and ~135lbs and a fair weather skier, so a 1-ski quiver will be good for now.  I’ve done some quick research and came up with a short list, but there doesn’t seem to be much on women’s skis. 


Thoughts on the following skis? 


Blizzard Black Pearl

Blizzard Viva 8.0

Fischer Koa 78 or 84

Atomic Affinity Storm

Salomon Rockette 90

Dynastar Eden


Other recommendations?  Trying to score some good off-season discounts, if I can find them.  I’m also open to older skis that I may be able to find used.  Thanks!

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rossignol temptation 88 at $299 on starthaus! a great deal and I wouldn't think twice to pull the trigger for my wife if I were looking for something with some off piste capability!

she would probably be good on the 162cm I guess...

I would ask about this ski to Phil or Trekchick, they can help you better than me because he works there and she is a girl and probably skied these before! :-) not to mention they have years of experience! :-)

anyway, I think that's a great deal and you probably won't find anything better than that in that price range!

dynastar has great skis, my wife skis the idyll, but at 78mm underfoot might not work very well for your wife. My wife doesn't go off piste.

I also have a friend of mine that skis the rockette 90 and she loves it, she skis mostly piste but can also work her way out some off piste or trees!

but again, for $299 the temptation is a great deal!
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