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I started the season w/ E83s, but sold them for E88s.  I ultimately lucked into a pair of S3s and now can't justify keeping both.  So, I'm selling the E88s.  They have 3 days at Steamboat in early February on them--few scuffs on topsheets, bases and edges are perfect.  They ski similarly to the E83s--easy to turn/maneuver, quick edge to edge--but stiffer, so a little less forgiving, but very stable at high speed and over chop.  They absolutely rip up groomers, are decent on bumps, fun in trees, good in light powder, but work ing deep.  Overall, they are a really fun ski, but the more I ventured off trail, the more the somewhat mellow S3 suited me.


Specs:  2013 Rossi E88, 170 cm, FKS 140 mounted at 0 for sole length 328 mm.  Asking $625 (almost 10% off per day skied), will pay for US shipping (48 contiguous states), and assist with shipping elsewhere.