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2012 Blizzard Magnum 7.6 - Correct Ski? Correct Length?

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I'm looking at a pair of 2012 Blizzard Magnum 7.6 skis (no rocker) for my daughter.  She's a pretty good HS racer, 17yrs, 5' 0", 112 lbs.  She races on 150 slaloms.  I want her to have something to ski when we go out west. We spend most of the time on groomed but venture off piste some.  It sounds like the Magnum 7.6 should be a good ski for her.  Do you agree?  Is 156cm the right length?



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I skied on these (east coast) this year. I usually ski a much more stout ski, but moved to these due to a back injury and wanted a less demanding ski. I am 5'4" and 150 lbs. and ski the 163 cm. They are great skis. One of the things I Iove about them is they are so light. Due to the light weight though they get thrown around easily in any kind of crud.


The 156 cm length sounds right for her.

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I spent about 3 seasons on Magnum 7.6's.  I think it's an awesome Eastern ski.  It has a fairly short turn radius (not slalom, but certainly closer to "short" then "large").  It will hold on anything short of blue ice.  Because it's soft, it's a pretty good bump ski.


For the west with some wide-open spaces...  It'll work.  You might want something with a bigger turn radius -- banging out short-ish turns at altitude can take it out of you.  If it dumps, you're going to want to be on something wider.  It'll be fine with a few inches of fluff though.  Deep snow though...  well, it'll work, but you'll get a workout in.

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I skied the 7.6's for a season as well.  If she's a HS racer, I'd assume she's a very good skier. 


For out West I agree with Kevin that she would be better off on something wider.  You don't need to go to a powder ski, but for Western groomers an 80-85mm waist would be a better minimum width and still a great all mountain ski in the east.


I skied the Magnum 8.0 ca's this year and loved them, a little longer turn radius, more stability in crud and chopped up snow, and no loss of carving ability.  The woman's version of that is the Viva 8.0.  If you like the Magnums this is the closest and a bit wider - 80mm underfoot and a little more substantial.


The women's 7.6 is the Viva 7.6.  My wife has those and is very happy with them, even in the West.  So I don't think it would be bad to go with the 7.6's if much cheaper or available to you.


Lots of great skis out there in that waist width.

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Staying in the Blizzard family go for the Black Pearl, It will be much more versatile for going out west and it will work fine for the east. Was skiing with a woman yesterday at Killington she has the 7.6 Viva and was not happy on it in the wet powder, tracked off stuff, she switched over to her black pearls which she really hadn't been on much this year and it was like night and day to her. The stuff that was bouncing her around on her 7.6 was so easy on her black pearls. She was making all size and shapes of turns on steeps and blues along with some bumps. The ski really ate it up.

There probably is not going to be that much handling difference between her slalom skis and the 7.6 so she probably would be happy using the slaloms with the east coast hardpack and a more all mountain 80-90 mm waist ski for other stuff both east and west coast.

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