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slalom ski to Volkl Rtm 80

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Hi there,

Looking for some advice on new skis. I grew up in the Midwest skiing groomed trails, and slalom raced throughout high school. It's been about 10 years since I've purchased new skis, and am looking at the Volkl RTM 80 as my next pair. Would you recommend this ski as i no longer race, or should i stick with what i know, which is a slalom race ski? Any other suggestions?

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Welcome to EpicSki.  Where do you ski? What do you plan to ski: groomers, bumps, trees, etc?  The answer to those questions have a definite bearing on what skis we might recommend for you.

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Thank you for the welcome. I still ski primarily groomers in the Midwest, with an occasional trip out West. I've always owned a slalom race ski, but it's been 10 years since I've raced.
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You do realize the RTM 80 is a full rocker ski, no camber, right?  The difference between it and what you are used to skiing is enormous.  Have you been able to demo the ski?  If I were looking to buy a ski for the Midwest, the RTM 80 would not be on my list.  I think a ski like the Nordica Fire Arrow 80ti for Transfire 78ti would be a lot more useful.

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For groomers in the mid-west, you may still find a SL ski to be the most fun, especially if you enjoy carving short turns.  There are times when I think an SL ski can be a lot of fun out west also, but, of course, there are days when something else is preferred.


Ski have become more and more versatile and some "all mountain" skis might be better carvers than 10+ year old SL skis (especially if they have seen a lot of use), so you will likely be happy with whatever you get, but if you only occasionally go out West, I would be inclined to get a good sl type carver for home and demo a fat ski out west if you get a big dump. 

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Thank you for the advise.  I had a salesman recommended the RTM 80, but I found your recommendations much more helpful.  I'm currently skiing on a pair of Salomon Equipe 3V (168 length), and am 5'10", 200 lbs.  If I stick with a slalom ski, would you recommend dropping down to a 165 length, or up to a 170 length?  Any recommendation on brand that may provide a similar feel to my old Salomon's?

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See if you can find someplace that will let you demo the Nordica Fire Arrow 80 ti or even the FA 84 EDT.  The FA 84 EDT is an amazing ski and I expect the 80 ti to be right up there also.  Terrific edge grip, no speed limit, fun to ski but does demand your attention.  I've skied the FA 84 EDT in powder in the trees, in bumps and it was good.  On groomers it will really rip if you want it to.  I think either of these might be a ski you can really enjoy in the midwest and for probably 80% of western trips too.

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