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Your opinions on Vibram in AFDs?

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There has been much talk lately of using Vibram soled AT boots in solid AFDs as in the FKS turntable bindings.  I'd like to hear what you boot experts think about both levels of involvement of this- the first being fully rockered vibram soles as they come from the factory used in conjunction with solid AFD plates, the second being shaved down vibram to provide a cleaner connection to the AFDs for the "pillars" or hard plastic spots used by many companies. 


I know several people who employ these methods, and have yet to hear of it negatively effecting performance of the release for any of them.  I would sincerely appreciate the input and honest opinion of you boot guys and gals as I am about to take the leap myself with most likely a pair of Cochises unless the Lupo comes out with tech fittings by next season.  I will probably just cut away the soft vibram to make a better connection to the AFD but would like to hear what you goot buys think first. 

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Rockered vibram soles are not compatible with standard DIN bindings and absolutely affect release values negatively, which is to say they increase torque required for release an unknown and inconsistent amount.  There are many people that use this setup but it is not reliable or considered safe by the industry.


There are touring bindings with adjustable toe height that can be made workable depending on the boot and these are the correct solution.



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I guess I should have counted on a robotic response like that when I worded the question as I did.   


I guess I should ask if anyone has tested a boot with the vibram cut out to expose the hard plastic pillars or contact points employed by many manufacturers, and if so what was the result?

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Have you seen the new bindings that have a toe which is adjustable for AT boots? I think Marker and Tyrolia both have them.

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best to get your exact system tested.   I have found that some work 100% and some fail badly. 

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The fact that the answer I gave isn't what you wanted but obviously was what you expected doesn't make it robotic, but it does make it cautious.  


You mentioned you would just cut the vibram yourself.  Will it be absolutely flat so release to the left is the same as the right.  Will you cut it low enough to not preload the toe upwards and therefore increase friction in the system so that release is higher than the DIN setting would normally allow?


What will happen to release value if a stone gets stuck in the vibram?  Is the corner radius of the toe compatible with DIN standards bindings are designed for?  Is the coefficient of friction of the vibram as low as the coefficient of the plastic AFD section in DIN standard boots?


You asked how things work.  Well they work not consistently depending on the binding boot interface and external factors.  The fact that everything functions properly on the shop bench doesn't say anything and is completely meaningless when describing how the system functions in the real world.


Everyone is entitled to decide on their own whether to take the risk.  I ski at times in systems that you are asking about if I am working on the hill, but I know the risk and am willing to take it but wouldn't do it on a daily basis under typical free-ski conditions.


But you already knew that.


Your friendly robot



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